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5 Ways to Style Designer Books at Home

Styling up your coffee table with luxurious books is a fab way to add different heights and elements into your décor. We love these beautiful designer books, not only do they look amazing on your table, but there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting back and finding inspo by flipping through their glossy pages.

If you find yourself pining over luxury fashion brands online, styling your home with fashion designer books is an authentic way to make a statement about who you are. Make your living room into your personal escape, with just a finishing touch on your coffee table.

We love styling our decorative books in different ways, they’re not just limited to your coffee table! Take a look at our favourite ways to show off our designer books below.

A Set of Coffee Table Books

Stacking books on top of one another is great to incorporate multiple books on your coffee table, as well as to show off collections. Stacking your coffee table books can add height where needed to balance various heights. If you've got a collection that doesn't quite go on your coffee table, try ordering some bookends and standing your books upright, this method looks fab on both console tables and bookshelves.

Collection of Fashion Designer Decorative Books


Here we’ve styled our Little Book Of collection in a stack on our table, which features our favourite fashion designers including books on Chanel, Dior, Gucci & Prada.

Designer Books for Monochrome Scheme

In a monochrome décor, make a statement with bold pieces that catch the eye. Finishing touches, like a monochrome coffee table book are perfect at achieving this. We’ve been styling our black and white books on a coffee table with hydrangeas to add femininity, this balances out the bold cover on our YSL book.

Yves Saint Laurent YSL Monochrome Decorative Book

We love the Roxanne Lowitt Photographs Yves Saint Laurent book in our monochrome schemes. The richness of this book can be felt in its thick glossy pages, as it documents YSL backstage at their fashion shows in stolen glances since 1978. 

Layering a Decorative Book with Ornaments

There’s no reason that your coffee table book has to be styled alone. Here we’ve placed a decorative faux coral on top of our Live Beautiful Hardback. Using this method of layering and adding in different elements creates a tiered illusion and draw attention to other elements in your room.

Styling a faux coral on a decorative book to draw attention on a coffee table

So this book isn’t actually a fashion designer book, it’s an interior design hardback. If you’re committed to the fashion design world, we’d recommend pairing a coral with the Beaton in Vogue hardback, which features incredible visuals of Cecil Beaton’s 76 years at Vogue.

Styling Decorative Books on your Bookshelf

On your bookshelf seems like the obvious place for your decorative book to go. Styling your decorative book makes sure you put it to good use and it stands out amongst the noise. A fab way to do this is by styling your book facing towards you, making it look more like a print.

On our neutral themed shelves, you can see we have included two different types of bookshelf styling for our decorative books. This is a fab way to keep your bookshelves interesting.

Styling designer coffee table books on bookshelves

 Here we’ve used our Dior Catwalk book with one of our corals, as well as our favourite interior design book, Design Masterclass by Kelly Hoppen facing forward to highlight the book's cover.

Accent your Console Table with Layered Books

Using coffee table books on your side table or console table is the unsung hero for the finishing touches when accenting your room. You can incorporate a lot of similar styles to how we style our books on coffee tables. However, we love little detailing, so we’ve used the lower shelf on our Aula silver and marble console table to layer up our Dior Catwalk and Introspection hardbacks.

Layered designer books styled on a silver and marble console table

Using the console table in the hallway to style our decorative books is a great way to style the base layer, drawing attention to the detail in the console table. The Dior Catwalk book is an amazing choice for any fashion-fanatic. The Dior Catwalk book features rich imagery from Christian Dior’s collections and his successors. This book comes in a beautiful grey hardback with holographic typography on the cover.

If you're looking for more designer book inspiration, shop our coffee table book collection and see how our interior experts style them.