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Golden Tones Shopping List

This beautiful Golden Tones shopping list has been curated by our Creative Director and Interior Designer, Alice. It features some of our favourite pieces from our Warm Neutral Capsule, which are perfect for a room with gold accents creating a cosy and welcoming vibe. Using warm accent pieces are fab, especially in rooms with less natural light as it helps soften the style.

Decorative Gold Bee

Bee Sculpture in Gold styled with black book

This golden bee sculpture is our go-to eye-catcher in a warm room with gold accessories. Giving us amazing Gucci vibes, we love this paired with a coffee table book!

 Milazzo Trinket Box & Bookends 

The stunning Milazzo set features gold metalwork scores on a marble base on both the bookends and the trinket box. These are perfect to tie together fine detailing on your bookshelves or console table.

Saints Gold Rug

Cream rug with high shine gold scores

Our best selling Saints Rug is an incredible cream rug with high shine gold scores running throughout. We love this rug in our warm hue living room for a striking look that ties together with our gold accessories.

Haze Cream Cushion 

Haze cream textured cushions in a warm palette bedroom

The Haze Cream Cushion is fab for a warm neutral cushion in a bedroom or living room. It has a subtle hammered effect which gives texture to your style, and is also feather filled for a luxury finish.

Laos Mink Cushion

Laos Mink Velvet textured cushion with feather filling

The Laos Mink Cushion is beautiful for a warming accent to your room, with a soft velvet material, we love using it as a scatter cushion in warm neutral rooms. This is also a feather filled cushion, perfect for a plump and fluffed look.

Gabrielle Chanel Fashion Manifesto Book

Gabrielle Chanel Fashion Manifesto Coffee Table Book

 Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel is an icon of fashion, her stunning coffee table book looks great in the home of any Chanel lover. This beautiful off white monochrome book styles perfectly with our bee sculpture!