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How House Plants Boost Wellness and Productivity in Your Home Office

You might be used to working from home now, Winter means that we're spending more time in our home, with doors and windows shut and therefore less time outdoors.

Benefits of having plants in your home office

If you're wondering why suddenly everyone's getting house plants, it's likely because of the multiple benefits they have. 

1. Having a plant can boost productivity

Having a plant in your workspace increases memory retention, boosts creativity and keeps you more psychologically engaged, according to research. Attention restoration theory feeds into this; looking at nature and the natural world helps move your brain into a new processing mode that makes you better equipped to concentrate

2. Air purifying plants can help reduce headaches

Perennial plants, these are plants that purify the air, bring the fresh air to you. Whilst we're working from home in winter, it's likely that doors and windows will be shut to keep the heat in. In order to reduce headaches (and stress!) in our home office, introducing air purifying plants will help clean your air as they depollute your room.

3. In an increasingly screen based space, it helps us connect with nature

Being able to work from home, often means that we're actually spending all day looking at a screen; whether on a zoom call or getting on with the days tasks. Bringing nature inside (through our house plants) helps us improve our mental health and wellbeing.

What kind of house plants are best for your home office

As we noted earlier, it's great to introduce air purifying plants into your home to help reduce headaches. There's a mix of benefits of different types of plants for your desk that you can use.

Air purifying plants that bring a breath of fresh air to your home office

Some of our favourite air purifying plants include:

  1. Snake Plants
  2. Devil's Ivy
  3. Peace Lilies

Stress reducing plants to bring calm to working from home

Studies have suggested that some plants help reduce stress. In fact, the Journal of Biological Chemistry has shown that Jasmine, in particular, affects your nerve cells to create feelings of calmness and rest- simply through its scent!

  1. Jasmine
  2. Monstera (or Swiss Cheese Plant)
  3. Peppermint

Aesthetic plants for your desk

How to style house plants in your home office

Adding plants to your home office, not only has a beneficial effect on your mental wellbeing, but can also be used to redesign your space.

Using plants, you can add height, texture and colour to your home office, which can open the space up and encourage a better flow.  

 Will you be introducing plants to your home office? Let us know in the comments!