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How to Create the Perfect Office Layout

Creating the perfect office layout for your company relies on a multitude of factors, from your company ethos, industry to your workforce size and office space. Modern and forward thinking office layouts should be ideally a multi-environment office.

Having a multi-environment office layout is essential, especially when your workforce combines a mix of personality types. Having a space suited for each individuals means you are creating a space where they can achieve anything.

Why is your office layout important?

Office layouts can create a space where your employee's can thrive. Studies on communication, collaboration and productivity favour flexible office spaces (and open layouts!), showing that this is a factor in job satisfaction, creativity, collaboration and job autonomy- as well as your workforce being more productive!

Creating your office layout to suit a multitude of personalities and work types will also open up your office to more efficiency. Think about the various daily activities that happen at your office. Most employees will need their own workspace- but don't forget about space for creativity too.

What are the different options for my office layout?

There are thousands of office layouts you can choose one, but the right one for your business should take into account your industry, space available and the size of your workforce. Each office needs to utilise the space it has to ensure that you're getting the most out of it. Some options for office layout include:

Office layouts for fast-paced work

Fast paced workplaces- such as agencies, businesses with quick turn around times, tight deadlines and even service jobs need the tools that they require to do their jobs available to them, and quick.

For a fast paced office layout using clusters of workstations or flexible seating is most suited. This inspires creativity, is great for impromptu meetings and can increase speed to market for projects.

Office layouts for start-ups

Start-ups require an environment not to different to the fast paced office layout, but we would always encourage the inclusion of breakout areas, where we can arrange informal meetings and remain agile. Breakout areas should inspire creativity, but also be a space where you can get away from your screen. They're usually quite relaxed, so incorporate soft furnishings here - think tub chairs and sofas.

Office layouts for complete focus

All positions will require space for complete focus from time to time. In a particularly high pressure role, or when meeting tight deadlines, an office full of background noise may hinder your staff who need to get their head down.

If you have the space for it, a cube design works well here. This creates a space away from the desk where your employees can work on something that requires their undivided attention. If your short on space, incorporate bookcases or privacy screens to achieve this.

Office layouts for creativity

Using longer desks in creative spaces is a must do! This gives space to spread out projects and encourages collaboration. You don't need to specifically give your design team a long desk, but having a space they can go to either to have a meeting or find inspiration with a longer desk in is ideal. If you're able to have this as a separate space in your office, you can also put up previous work in the area to inspire them.

Office layouts for innovation

Office space that leads to innovation, or an 'innovation lab' if you have space for it work extremely well. These can be multi-use, so you can host client meetings here too. We'd incorporate half open, half closed areas that are thoughtfully designed and human-centric. We'd recommend in these areas experimenting with materials here, and even make them relevant - if you work on engineering sustainable designs, how about some greenery, or recycled materials?

Half open, half closed office design for innovation

Office layouts for recharging

You might think we're odd to talk about recharging our batteries in the office. What we mean by this is a multi-functional space, that can either be used to work in or relax on your break. Making a cosy spot that helps people relax can bring a people back down to earth during a particularly stressful period.

Try using room dividers, comfy fabrics and sink-into seating for a space to pull your thoughts together!

Using lighting and colours in your office

Lighting can be quite straight forward, we want to avoid dark spaces and bring in light spaces to keep everyone happy and alert! Allowing lots of natural light to flood your office is a great way to boost moods and encourage a happy workforce. If windows are limited, use mirrors to bounce light around the room, as well as synthetic 'sunlight' lighting options.

There's many options for colour schemes and pairing colours to encourage creativity, boost mood and stimulate our minds- blue influences intellect and logic, yellow is emotional colour that represents creativity and friendliness, however, incorporating this with your branding can be a fine line between inspiring and jarring.


At the time of this being written, we are facing one of the biggest hurdles to office space layouts. Covid-19 has meant we have to redesign our offices to allow for social distancing and keep our teams safe whilst at work. This can also present a new opportunity for flexible work spaces.

Working independently with a desk is expected to happen from home for the foreseeable future therefore seeing a smaller workforce in the office. This means we can afford to bring in, small groupings of sofas with coffee tables, chairs and small tables to outfit almost the entire office, as people will only need to travel to work when in-person teamwork is necessary. We think we’ll see the physical office becoming a more club-like space, a place for creative synergy.

Companies can adapt to smaller office spaces with less overheads as remote working becomes more popular, and really utilise this space as a hub for collaboration.

How you can create the perfect office layout for productivity

We all want to equip our workforce with the tools and space so that they can excel in their job. Utilising all your space, no matter how big or small, to create areas that encourage different work types to be more efficient and productive, you actually need to create spaces that your staff can enjoy and feel relaxed- as well as at least giving them a little nook where they can tuck themselves away from anything distracting. 

Flexibility has been a key factor in our research on office layouts, so this needs to go hand in hand with functionality. Imagine a central pod with no power sockets, this would leave you relying on trailing wires that become a hazard. Including modular furniture, worktop plug sockets and pop up bars are a sleek and functional way to overcome these obstacles.

This can be challenging in any size office, so optimising and planning your office layout is a must- especially when also factoring personality needs and office regulations into your design. If you're looking for professional advice on your office layout you can contact our interior design team at hey@roweninteriordesign.com to arrange a quick chat and see how we can help your office be the best it can be!


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