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How to get the most out of your interior designer: 5 Top Tips

At Rowen Homes, we want to ensure that everyone gets the most out of their interior designer and the design package you have chose. Once you have chosen your design package, we always recommend having an initial consultation call with us so that our designers fully understand your taste, budget and any requirements you may have. We've been chatting with our in-house interior designer, Beth, about how she can create amazing projects for our clients.

1. Show off what you've got

Obviously your interior designer needs to see your space so they know what they're working with. But also seeing what you currently like in your home, whether its in a different room or not can help them really grasp your style. In the same sense, if you can point out what you don't like about your home, that's really helpful too!

If you have any key features or already have existing furniture that you intend on keeping, you'll need to let your designer know early on so that you're both on the same page.


2. Show us your current vision

If you noticed you've been liking a lot of similar interiors on Instagram, or pinning them on Pinterest - show your designer! They want to know what you've been dreaming about so you're on the same page.

Invite them to join your Pinterest board so that you can both work collaboratively with it- this can help with creating a unique moodboard that's in your style.

3. Get your family members involved (if you trust them!)

Designers are really nosey too, and they want to make your house a home for everyone who lives in it. If your partner or child has any ideas - pass it on! Especially if another household member uses the space more than you. At the end of the day, the space that's created needs to be functional for the person who is going to be using it.


4. Be open to new ideas

Your interior designer will always be thinking about your personal style, practicality and how you want your space to be. That doesn't mean that they wont take your style and push the boundaries with it. Being open to suggestions that are a little out-there and unique is really what can give your home that WOW factor. Sometimes you might have to reign your interior designer in, but rather that than feel like your having to ask for more!

 5. Have a phone call

At Rowen Homes, we start every project with a consultation call. This lays out what you what you need, your taste and what point you're currently at. Our interior designers will be able to advise you on how to layout your room, colour schemes that go and any potential packages that they would recommend for you. Having a call with your interior designer before your project will mean you're not paying any unnecessary fees for services you don't want. 

As our consultation calls are a service in itself, you can chat to our designers about anything and take on board their professional opinion- then you can decide whether to proceed with a moodboard, 3D plan or do it yourself. We believe that communication is key to giving you your dream space- so we're always happy for a chat.


If you're thinking about starting an interior design project, our team of interior designers and creatives at Rowen Homes have extensive experience on home and commercial projects, from design to project management. Get in touch today to start planning your space.