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Interior Design Trends for Autumn Winter 20/21

The changing of the season to autumn and winter means as we spend more time indoors, and potentially in our homes, we want to introduce beautiful trends into our home. Whether you want a chic or classic home, embracing the autumn and winter trends for 2020 and 2021 can blossom a long term love for being more experimental with your home.

Autumn and Winter is encouraging us to add in more texture, a hint of luxury, minimalist scandi or a pop of colour to add interest to our home, as well as keep the space functional.


Whether its fluted or panelled walls, or a cosy hygge, adding textures to your room can change the whole feel to the room. Adding visual textures immediately draws the eye's attention, so these are great for spaces where you'll be inviting people in, such as kitchens, entryways, bars and entertainment areas. You can add in visual textures as statement furniture pieces, or even through textured wallpapers.

Below is an example where the marble counter has been paired with a textured fluted panelling on the kitchen island. 

White marble and textured flute panel kitchen

Both panelling and hygge trends are receiving a lot of attention in 2020. Adding a variety of textures to your room is creating depth to your living space, whether this is done through rugs, throws and cushions or permanent features.


Scandinavian style has been around for a while now, with element of the texture trend emerging from Scandi. Scandi trends in 2020 are inviting more colours into your home, such as colourful accessories. Using colour in Scandi should be used in a simple way, so you should not overload the room with too many textures, colours and patterns.

Introducing more abstract pieces into a neutral room is an easy way to introduce the Scandi trend into your home. Scandi is ultimately based on minimalism, so think linear pieces, open frame storage and bring statements in through lighting and accent furniture.

Formal & minimal living room creating scandi vibes for the autumn 2020 trend 


Luxury interiors isn't really a trend if we're honest, collecting timeless pieces is a part of creating a luxurious home. In 2020, we've seen a lot of neutral palettes, velvet pieces and earthy tones introduced to the luxury trend.

Crystals, corals, stones and scalloped shells bring a plethora of natural sophistication to your rooms, adding visual interest to shelving, tables and counters. 2020 has meant that we've wanted to bring more nature into the home, so using sophisticated natural pieces appears to be a trend to stay.

Natural crystals have traditionally been used in luxury interiors to promote Feng Shui, making them a timeless option. One of Kelly Hoppen's favourite pieces are coral sculptures, these give an organic feel in room. On shelving, you can pair these natural sculptures with glass or ceramic jars and vases for added height and luxury. 

Rich Colours

Adding deep and rich colours, such as ink blue, burnt orange, mulberry tones can be used as expressive accents or as the main feature in your home. In 2020, we're more open to playing with a dramatic palette, which can either be paired with chic neutrals or jewelled colours, depending on your vibe.

Using colours on your upholstered pieces, such as bed frames, sofas and arm chairs can go beyond this seasons trend, and used timelessly. Satin is a go-to fabric for pops of colour, it's a less seasonal option and goes great paired well with complimentary colours.

Autumnal and vibrant interior colours for autumn winter 20/21

You can learn how to use colours that compliment each other in your home using our e-book, this incorporates colour theory so you're confident in the colours you choose to introduce together. 

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