Entertaining at Home – How to Create a Stunning Tablescape

Entertaining at Home – How to Create a Stunning Tablescape

Tablescaping is the latest trend involving the art of transforming commonplace dining spaces into memorable, magical settings to entertain guests. Tablescaping is a great chance to dazzle dinner guests with your ingenuity and express your personal flair.

Whether you’re hosting a formal dinner gathering or a relaxed, small affair, there are thousands of ways to dress up looks for every occasion and season. And the best thing? There aren’t any rules – anything works.

When you’re next entertaining guests, it’s time to channel the tablescaping mania with your table décor ideas. In this post, we’ve rounded up a range of favourite looks to get you thinking about how you can dress up your dining room.

Step 1: Be organised

First up, tackle tablescaping in the same way you would a room. Think about the shape and size of your table. For instance, a rectangular table requires a linear centrepiece, while a round one calls for a low one.

And another thing. Consider what event you’re hosting. Who will you be serving? Where will you serve it? If you’re hosting a casual daytime bash in your garden, ditch the tablecloth and plump for a vibrant orange colour palette.

Think about the kind of platters you’ll need and assess how they’ll work with your table design – the last thing you want is to find yourself having to shift everything around once the food is ready.

If you have enough time, assemble your tablescape a few days ahead of the occasion. This enables you to organise the table to your tastes and make tweaks without the extra stress of guests arriving in a couple of hours.

Step 2: Choose the perfect setting

Naturally, tablecloths occupy the biggest amount of table space, setting the ambience for your tablescape. Even if you opt for ordinary glasses and regular white china, you can completely transform the look by using a specific type of tablecloth and picking a particular pattern. Tablecloths are the simplest way to make a statement.

If your table is circular, layer the tablecloth. That is to say, select a circular-shaped tablecloth that drops to the ground as the base layer. Next, throw on a square topper. You can easily create a budget-friendly linen tablecloth designed for the base and choose a vivid, premium-style material to make the square toppers.

Add another dimension to your tablescape by using table runners – just be sure to settle on one that stands out against your tablecloth. Go for a bold style if you’re using a solid colour tablecloth – you can be really creative here. Why not make a runner using atypical fabric such as wrapping paper?

Step 3: The little details count

Want to take your home entertainment to the next level? The key to creating a spectacular tablescape is selecting picture-perfect furniture to complement your decor. Elegant side tables and luxury bedside tables are terrific ways to add elegance and function to your setup.

These beauties can display decorative items like candles, ornaments, and vases or practical pieces such as snacks and drinks. Available in a slew of designs and fabrics, from elaborate wooden styles to chic glass, finding the right match for your home won’t be difficult.

Think about matching your side tables with other elements, like the place settings and tablecloth in your tablescape to ensure they work flawlessly with your overall colour scheme and theme. Alternatively, mix things up a little by adding some constating textures and colours to make your setup stand out.

Step 4: Layer it up

Use rattan placemats at each place setting to add dimension and texture to your table. Not only does rattan add a natural element to your table, but it also contrasts beautifully with your patterned tablecloth.

Place your silverware, glasses, and plates so they follow the etiquette rules. And don’t be scared of mixing and matching your plates with various patterns and sets. In doing so, you create an excellent visual of layering that fills you with excitement even before the dinner party starts.

As for napkins, why not match the folding style to the formality of the gathering? If you’re up for something slightly attention-grabbing for a formal look, fold your napkins and organise them between the plates on the place setting. This adds a “waterfall” effect and a touch of charm to the table. Or for a more relaxed vibe, tie them or use napkin rings.

Step 5: Beautify with blooms

Beautiful blooms at the table are a prerequisite for any tablescape. That said, they don’t need to be extravagant to attract attention. If you’re on a budget or find flower arranging intimidating, use a single flower type. Purchase three bunches of roses and fill a decorative tureen with them to create a gorgeous centrepiece. Next, separate the flowers into three vases and lay them on the table, scattering candles in between.

But bear in mind their seasonality. Sure, you can purchase pretty much any flower type across the year but don’t be tempted to throw hydrangeas into your autumn or winter tablescape. Rather, go into the garden and find branches and leaves.

Heading outside is an economical way to add a little leafy foliage in the middle of your table. You could even introduce freshness to the table by integrating some herbs, such as rosemary.

Step 6: Inject some vertical interest

What sets your tablescape apart from other regular table settings is adding height. Consider including tapered candles and candlesticks. Mix in various textures – including brass, ceramic or even silver. Vary the heights of the candles and intermingle them with lower candles.

More candles mean more atmosphere. However, even if you add two or four, this adds style. And how about bringing some sparkle and even more height with glassware? Lay the table using wine glasses, champagne flutes, and cordial glasses to give more dimension (as well as give you an excuse to wipe the dust off the bottles in your drinks cabinet).

The takeaway

Whether you’re hosting a Sunday brunch, a cosy meal for two or an intimate dinner gathering with friends, tablescapes set the mood for every affair. Hopefully, our post has enlightened you on how tablescapes can help you entertain your guests in style. It’s essential to put some time and effort into a captivating table display to create a special ambience.

At Rowen Homes, we have everything you need to create a tablescape that guests won’t forget in a hurry, from decorative candles and luxurious vases to striking flowers and vases. Talk to us today.