How to Create a Luxurious Bedroom Retreat with Tips and Tricks

How to Create a Luxurious Bedroom Retreat with Tips and Tricks

Making your bedroom a comfy and luxurious retreat is an excellent way to elevate your personal space and transform it into a place in which you can truly unravel and relax.

Aside from sleeping in, a bedroom retreat is somewhere you can unwind and relish spending time in your own company. Research shows how much of an effect your interior design elements have in evoking a negative or positive emotional response in people.

Want to create a sophisticated and stylish bedroom retreat? Here are some tips and tricks to help you create a cosy little sanctuary of serenity.

The bed, obviously

Your bed is the biggest, most-used item in the bedroom. So, treat it right. A padded headboard bed creates a bedroom retreat in more ways than one. Firstly, it adds cosiness and luxury, bringing a relaxed feel to the bed. The headboard’s soft padding makes the headboard comfy to lean back on while watching TV or reading, creating a sense of relaxation.

Or, opt for a glamorous panel bed frame to give your bedroom a tranquil, hotel vibe. This one sports a beautiful ivory surround with channelled detailing, giving it a luxurious feel. It’s also upholstered in a gorgeous stone velvet fabric and will complete any neutral, breezy scheme for a true bedroom retreat.

Add a pop of colour

Does your bedroom feel empty regardless of how many elements you introduce? It may be lacking a little colour. Pump up the pigment by adding an accent wall to your bedroom – it doesn’t take long, either, and it’s relatively cheap, too. Everything from your window trim to your bedsheets has the scope to add more colour to your main bedroom.

rowen headboard design

Create lots of lighting

While we all love natural light, it’s tricky to control. Ideally, you need three sources of light in your bedroom:

  • One for task lighting, like a lamp on your dresser or desk.
  • One for reading in bed (such as a floor lamp), which you can switch off easily without getting out of bed.
  • One fixture on a switch so you can turn on the lights on entry effortlessly.

If space doesn’t allow it, or you don’t like the idea of task lighting, don’t worry. You only need the other two. Walking into a darkened room and then finding that you have to fumble around for the light source can get annoying, right? As can getting all comfy in bed and then realising you need to get up again to switch off the lights.

Invest in your sleep set-up

Your bedroom will never feel haven-like if your bed isn’t as comfortable as possible. Consider your current circumstances: Do your sheets make your skin itchy? Are you waking up with backache? Next, tweak these aspects appropriately.

Buying a new mattress is a worthwhile investment. That said, you’ll benefit from it 10 years down the line, so long as you maintain it correctly. You can find premium-quality sheets at prices that won’t break the bank. Even revamping a headboard or erecting a bed frame is more than doable for the average DIYer.


Every bedroom needs somewhere to sit down that isn’t a bed. In a big bedroom, you may have the space for chairs, a sofa and a chaise long. Yet, even in a smaller room, there’s usually a way to cram in at least a bench or chair.

Another elegant option, if space is tight, is to include a built-in window seat. It can offer storage and architectural appeal as well as seating. Ensure that any seating also features a side table so that you have somewhere to set down your book or beverage.

Bedside tables

Bedside tables create a bedroom retreat as they offer convenience and practicality. You can use their surfaces for items you need in bed, like a smartphone, glass of water or book. Having these essentials nearby adds a sense of ease and comfort.

What’s more, you can personalise beside tables to work with your own personal style and preferences. Pick one that blends in with other furniture and bed in your room. Or have one designed with unique patterns or embellishments reflecting your tastes.

Keep it cool

A cool room contributes to creating a bedroom retreat, especially when the weather’s warm. A cool room helps regulate body temperature making it easier to fall asleep. If your room’s too warm, this causes restlessness, which then leads to poor sleep.

Consider installing an air conditioning unit or fan during the summer months to keep your bedroom at a comfortable temperature. When the room is just right, this creates a relaxing, soothing environment, ultimately boosting your mood and lessening stress.

Eliminate clutter

Even if your bedroom is dressed to the tenth, any amount of mess makes it difficult to appreciate the retreat you’ve created. While it’s appealing to jump out of your clothes and into bed without clearing your bedroom afterwards, all that paraphernalia is likely to accumulate if you don’t check it.

To save yourself the bother of having to clean up every day, transfer all your mess to a different area. If you have a habit of leaving your garments scattered here, there and everywhere, keep a laundry basket nearby or get ready in a guest room or bathroom. If you see a mound of old magazines on your bedside table, shift them to your study or office. The key? Only keep essential items for sleep and relaxation to make sure your main bedroom is a retreat rather than a place of tension.

Final thoughts

Follow these tips and tricks, and your bedroom will quickly become the retreat you’ve always dreamed of. While you can fork out on additions and luxuries, it doesn’t have to cost much to transform your bedroom into a haven. Little things like removing clutter, integrating lighting and adding a splash of colour can have a massive impact.

At Rowen Homes, we’ll help you convert your bedroom into an inviting, cosy oasis. Get in touch now to create a dreamy atmosphere in your bedroom.