How to Refresh Your Home Decor for Each Season

How to Refresh Your Home Decor for Each Season

Seasonal changes call for alterations in the weather, encouraging you to refresh everything from your wardrobe and fridge to storeroom staples. Likewise, new seasons are the perfect excuse to make a couple of adjustments to your home décor, enabling you to play around with patterns, colours and textures without much outlay.

Rather than investing in high-priced items to switch up your home décor, consider leaning on a multitude of smart accessories that won’t take up too much storage space when they aren’t in use while still revitalising your main living spaces. Here are some easy ideas to use at home.

Home refresh ideas for spring

Sofa swap

Switching up your sofa or adding seasonal décor to it is an excellent way to revitalise your home décor for spring. You don’t have to splurge on luxury sofas or deluxe armchairs to achieve this, though. One way to refresh your sofa for spring is to add vibrant, colourful throw cushions and pillows.

Spring is all about bright colours and fresh blooms, so think about integrating soft tones, floral patterns and light hues of blue, green and red. Experiment with various textures and patterns to create a playful, fun look.

Add blooms

One of the simplest ways to update any room in your home is by adding a fresh bouquet. From sprigs of hyacinths to bunches of tulips and daffodils, take advantage of all these beautiful blooms at your local flower shop or supermarket.

You can decorate with flowers in every room of your home. From nightstand-friendly bud vases to gorgeous centrepieces, every place in your household could benefit from some foliage.

Swap out candles

Do you enjoy bedecking your abode with pumpkin-scented and gingerbread-flavoured candles over Christmas, Easter and other holidays? It’s time to swap these fragrances for something slightly more spring-esque.

Citrus or floral-flavoured candles will breathe more life into any living space. Or just opt for fragrance-free candles in pastel colours.

Home refresh ideas for summer

Decorate in sunshine shades

Painting in yellow hues adds some summer vibes to your house. Your choice of decoration mirrors the season you’re living in – summer calls for welcoming, sunny shades, as they convey energetic hues and the rise of the sun.

You could complement your yellow décor with a burst of deep summer sky blue and bold green for a warm living space.

Lay a summery table

To celebrate the summer, set the table creatively. Assemble a gorgeous summer tea party setting by layering up coloured glassware, patterned linens and loads of fresh flowers.

Go for a strong-coloured tablecloth, maybe with a design that denotes a feeling of movement and flow. Next, layer up with linen napkins featuring subtler shades and smaller prints. Complete the look by adding coloured glass, vibrant candles and flowers for a truly tranquil and vibrant summer table.

Cover headboards in joyful prints

Joyfully-designed headboards are a brilliant way to add a pop of summer to your bedroom without overwhelming the room. Choose a design featuring an assortment of flowers in sunburst yellow to counteract calming wallpaper.

Decorating a headboard reflects the summer season and helps create a breezy, light atmosphere. You could be forgiven for thinking you’ve been transported to the Mediterranean Sea!

Home refresh ideas for autumn

Modernise pillows and throw blankets

Exchange pillows and throw blankets for an effortless autumn update. This saves you from having to fork out for all-new bedding. Consider a gingham or plaid-pattered blanket in autumn shades such as oranges, reds or maroons.

Switch several throw cushions with comparable designs or plump for an autumn style using pillows featuring leaves or pumpkins. You can achieve this fairly inexpensively – simply buy pillow covers for throw cushions you have already, then change them every autumn.

Include autumn-themed décor

Autumn-style décor is everywhere at this time of year – autumn-tinged leaves, pumpkins in all shapes and sizes, delicious-smelling candles and foliage. Home décor is perfect for introducing several autumn-like items into your home and bringing the season indoors.

Create autumn-inspired table centrepieces and decorate your shelves by mixing materials and decorations. Begin a pumpkin collection – gather tin, cloth and real pumpkins in a range of sizes. Pumpkins also make excellent mantelpiece ornaments. Check out Pinterest for inspiration to decorate for autumn.

large-end sofa

Add autumn-themed colours

Refresh your living space slightly by swapping summer décor colours for autumn ones. Some of the best colours for this time of year include:

  • Browns and neutral shades such as taupe.
  • Dark reds and maroons.
  • Oranges, particularly a darker, burnt orange.
  • Greens and blues.
  • Yellows and mustards.

This large-end sofa comes in a neutral, greige-toned textile and is adorned with a downy chambray material, conjuring a modern, autumn-like feel. If you’re on a budget and don’t want to make permanent changes to your space, swap the sofa pillows for more autumn-like colours.

Home refresh ideas for winter

Recreate the enchanted Christmas glow

The warmth of a glowing fire and the sparkle of twinkly lights speak to our souls. You don’t have to pack up the glow of Christmas. Keep the flicker in your household by decorating with candles and votives.

Give your abode a fresh feel with white votive candles and light them to add twinkly warmth.

Add a splash of winter greenery

Bring your living space to life this winter by incorporating flowers and greenery. Not only does foliage brighten up your home, which is especially needed at this time of year, but it also breaks up your décor.

Integrate cedar and branches to bring your winter decoration together. It’ll also add a touch of sophistication to your home and make it smell divine.

Add blankets

In the colder months, blankets are a prerequisite. So, add cosy throw blankets that harmonise with your living space. Buying items that complement the look of your interior design is better than taking away from it.

Do you love using at least 20 blankets to keep warm in winter? Consider storing them in something stylish, whether it’s a pretty wicker basket or wooden box that fits in the corner of your room.

Final thoughts

We hope this post gave you some ideas on how to refresh your home décor in all the different seasons. At Rowen Homes, we have all manner of homeware products to help you select and decorate your abode for the spring, summer, autumn and winter so you can enjoy it all year round.

Whether you’re seeking snug throws and cushions for winter, radiant and bold decor for summer, or natural and rustic accents for autumn, Rowen Homes has a raft of options to suit your budget, style and taste. Talk to us now.