Classic Styles that Stand the Test of Time

Classic Styles that Stand the Test of Time

As the saying goes, styles come and go – well, mostly. Several styles are permanent or often everlasting. Each year, decade after decade, specific styles continue to be prevalent and pertinent, with several evolving into iconic statuses. Whatever your décor tastes, there’s a classic style to harmonise with your space.

We’ve pulled together some classic interior design styles that’ll no doubt stand the test of time.


Luxury headboards are an excellent way to draw attention to the centre of the room. Not only do they add structure to a space, but they also add visual grounding. The perfect headboard also provides another way to integrate charm and art into a bedroom.

Many home decorators remain firm fans of upholstered headboards (otherwise known as tufted fabric headboards). Soft and easy to lean against, they’re available in an assortment of eye-catching colours and designs. These timeless pieces make a superb addition to any bedroom space offering the ultimate backdrop for a pop of colour.


Combining plants into your home décor is a timeless trend. Plants aren’t just items – they’re living organisms that clean the air and help you to feel closer to nature.

They can almost be likened to having a pet in the home – they’ll continue to bring tranquillity and joy into your home for years to come.

Thoughtful mementoes

Classic styles connect with people emotionally, which is why mementoes, antique and vintage items incorporated into any style are always a wonderful way to define the originality of its occupants. Dad’s yellowed school books, Grandma’s mantelpiece clock, and Mum’s ornaments.

As humans, we crave personal connection. And so long as this need is met, our minds are inspired and receptive. Therefore, this encourages a jovial sense of gratitude.


As human beings, we’re wired to relish symmetry. So, it’s no surprise that one of the most timeless decorating trends is to organise space symmetrically. For instance, you could begin with two items to achieve a particular look. Place two sofas facing one another, flank one sofa with two end tables, or position a couple of chairs opposite a sofa. Ultimately, you want to coordinate both sides of a room.


While wallpaper was popular many generations ago, it still has a place today. It’s made a massive comeback and is here to stay. The use of wallpaper goes back to ancient China when it was used to cover walls to protect them from creepy crawlies and dampness.

In Europe, wallpaper came back onto the scene during the Renaissance period and was frequently used to emulate luxurious textiles, like embroideries. Today, you can find it in a whole raft of styles, from contemporary to traditional. While wallpaper style may have altered over the years, the use of wallpaper as an ornamental component continues to be a timeless and classic choice.


Home Styles

Built-in shelving

Not many things say classic interior design in quite the same way as built-in shelves. As well as adding to a room's elegance, they also bring a touch of depth and versatility. Adorn these shelves with picture frames, books and other small décor pieces. They’ll work as both display solutions and classic storage.

Open floor plans

As well as being incredibly chic, an open floor plan is also helpful in developing a community within your home. An open floor plan provides a well-thought balance of comfort and functionality without compromising one for the other.

One family member might be cooking, while another sits working at the table, and another chilling on a comfy sofa. As such, this enables families to engage with each other and spend quality time together.

Vintage pieces

Styles are ever-changing, but vintage details are a style that always appears to stand the test of time and remains popular with many people, year after year. Typically, vintage items are well-crafted, are available straightaway, and have a tarnishing that adds to the look.

They bring so much warmth and character to a home and usually entail hardly any maintenance. Think about incorporating mirrors, furniture, art or even transform items for new purposes, such as converting a dresser or cabinet into a vanity unit. Whatever you find, it never truly becomes unfashionable.

Texture blending

Mixing textures is a trend that’ll stand the test of time. Integrating a range of textures will add a striking, multifaceted design. Whether it’s boucle, cane, rattan or velvet, the actual fabrics may go in and out of style. However, the art of harmonising an array of textures won’t.

Texture blending is a versatile technique visible in various design styles to create a vibrant and one-off space. You could use marble, silk and wood to produce a sense of refinement and luxury. Or even combine metal, glass and concrete for a minimalist, sleek aesthetic.


Blend marble tiles in showers and on floors, plump for marble-look or marble countertops, place a marble top on a cupboard, or keep things budget-friendly by attaching marble vinyl on table tops.

For centuries, marble has been used in design and architecture and is often associated with timeless styles, like Roman, Greek and Renaissance. The durability and magnificence of marble make it a smart choice for walls, floors, decorative accents, and countertops in contemporary and traditional rooms.

Painted kitchen islands

One of the most timeless trends in our book is to paint your island a contrasting hue. Sure, the on-trend colours change with the seasons, but utilising colour to counterbalance your kitchen island is a completely resilient trend.

A contrasting kitchen island can bring depth to a calm, clean kitchen style, without evolving into a pointless distraction.

Final thoughts

Timeless as an overall concept refers to an interior design that isn’t influenced by the passage of time or shifts in fashion – something that’ll stay on-trend for many years. It has the staying power and isn’t created to be transient.

Be sure to pick items that reflect your character – this will help create a classic look you’ll always treasure. At Rowen Homes, we can help you create your classic style design space. For more information or to book a consultation, contact us today.