Maximising Space in Small Apartments with Clever Storage Solutions and Decorating Ideas

Maximising Space in Small Apartments with Clever Storage Solutions and Decorating Ideas

Not sure how to maximise space in your small apartment? You’re not alone. Numerous people seek small apartment storage tips, tricks, and hacks to make their living space look a little larger.

The good news is that bigger isn’t always better. Here are some apartment-friendly storage and decorating tips on how to maximise space in your small flat.

Make your storage solutions obvious

Clever home storage is a must in your small apartment. So, be sure to display your storage in plain sight – integrate storage solutions that not only display decorative objects but also exhibit items until you need them.

For example, use baskets and bins to assemble bits and pieces and store them on shelves until you need to use them.

For an orderly look, use bins and baskets to collect items and store them on shelves until you're ready to pull them out.

Incorporate an entryway bench

Small apartments are known for their awkward entryway area. Even worse, they often don’t feature them at all. Incorporating a slim bench means you have a place to slip on footwear easily. Add a couple of baskets below it to store shoes, boots or accessories. You can even hang hooks above for coats. As a welcoming touch, put down a runner or rug to create a cosy setting.

Add removable wallpaper

If you rent your apartment, chances are you probably aren’t allowed to decorate the walls. Happily, you can transform your luxury home interiors with removable wallpaper to add a little personality to your small living space while avoiding wall damage.

You can get your hands on all kinds of temporary wallpaper prints and patterns. If you want a subtle update, opt for delicate florals for a minimalist design or choose a graphic for a statement print.

Plump for removable decals

If removable wallpaper doesn’t quite fit the bill, select temporary decals. You’ll add that magic touch to your lounge or bedroom and transform your small living space when you add vinyl decals.

For a one-off design, cut your vinyl into various shapes or, for a renter-friendly finish, insert a piece of art alongside your decals.

Exhibit art without any damage

Want to display your paintings and pictures damage-free? Rather than hanging every piece of artwork, use hanging floating shelves and place your art on top. In doing so, you’ll be able to layer various prints and pieces while also cutting down the chance of too many holes in the walls.

Another renter-friendly solution for hanging artwork is adhesive strips.

Plump for pouffes

If you need extra seating but lack the space, pouffes are an excellent choice in a small apartment. Choose a style that complements your décor – you could use it as a footrest or coffee table in the lounge.

It’ll also come in useful when you’re entertaining loved ones, as there’ll be more than enough seating on hand without the need to store anything.

Use storage containers

Let’s face it. We all tend to store items on the kitchen counter, particularly when we’re tight for space or don’t have any built-ins. Employ the use of baskets, bins and small storage containers to keep your counters uncluttered.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective option, head to a charity shop.

Repurpose a dresser as a nightstand

Usually, bedrooms are cramped in small apartments. So, adding more furniture than you have space for obstructs traffic flow. The good news is that you can transform a dresser into a nightstand and use it as display space and storage - all at once.

Put night-time essentials in the drawers nearest to your bed, then use the remaining dresser for displaying your other items, such as plants, artwork, and a lamp.

Consider bed lofting

To make the most of space in your small apartment, loft your bed. As such, you’ll free up bags of floor space for storing items. Position a small table or desk underneath and even a ladder to add a workspace or chill-out zone for visitors.

If you need to carve out separate areas in a single room, this small-space solution is super helpful for studio apartments.

Include a bistro-style set

A lot of small apartments don’t have a dining room. The solution? Incorporate an eat-in kitchen. All you need for a quick meal are a small-scale table and a couple of chairs.

And the best bit? Your eat-in kitchen means that your dining table is always close to your cooking area, meaning cleaning up is easy.

Make the most of empty corners

It can be tricky to work out empty corners and awkward areas in your small apartment. Take advantage of these corners by adding a small bench or bistro dining set to prevent dead space.

Another way to utilise a corner and add some storage in your small apartment is to add a small-scale dresser, some plants, plus artwork.

Insert a gallery wall

Adding gallery walls are a great way to decorate your small apartment without taking up too much room (so long as you have the wall space).

Select a hue that complements the rest of your living space and source artworks in a range of patterns and prints.

Incorporate artwork

While creating a gallery wall might not be possible, this doesn’t mean you can’t include statement artwork in your small apartment. Art pieces are an easy way to decorate your room and fill the wall. What’s more, artwork compels you to look upwards, which helps your smaller room to appear bigger.

Allow plenty of natural light in

Letting in as much daylight as you can makes your smaller space brighter and bigger. Sunlight can transform a small apartment and entails no extra outlay whatsoever. So, open your existing curtains or blinds in the daytime to allow natural light in and visually augment your room.

The takeaway

With some nifty storage solutions and decorating ideas, you’ll turn your tiny apartment into a contemporary, cosy oasis in no time. Wave goodbye to cluttered chaos and hello to an inviting, well-organised living space.

Adding a few decorative touches like temporary wallpaper, removable decals, benches and storage containers will make your space pop and feel like home.

Are you ready to release your inner designer and create the ultimate small apartment living space? Our homeware collection includes decorating ideas and clever storage solutions that’ll help make the most out of your limited space. Whether you’re seeking creative storage solutions or space-saving furnishings, we have all you need to transform your small apartment into a sophisticated, comfy living space. Check out Rowen Homes and start crafting the perfect small apartment now.