Achieving Balance and Harmony in Your Home: Feng Shui Tips for Modern Living

Achieving Balance and Harmony in Your Home: Feng Shui Tips for Modern Living

Did you know? How you design your home can really increase your happiness and sense of balance. And one ancient practice that's been used for gazillions of years to achieve this is feng shui. It’s a way of creating balance and harmony between you and your surroundings. Feng shui is like a little bit of magic mixed with science.

Feeling overwhelmed as you work out where to begin when promoting good feng shui in your living space? Which room should you start with? How should you start afresh? Happily, it needn’t be difficult. Whether you’re new to feng shui or a pro, we’ve pulled together some ideas to achieve harmony and balance in your home the feng shui way.

What’s feng shui?

Feng shui isn’t decorating or designing. It’s more about ideals and principles that encourage you to adorn your home feng shui-style, to bring more balance to your life. And it isn't too tricky to accomplish good balance and healthy vibes in your house using five elements inspired by nature: earth, wind, fire, wood, and water.

If you organise your living space to harmonise with these elements, you’ll create a harmonious ambience to help you feel supported and focused.

Brighten your entry

In feng shui, the entry of your home symbolises how energy flows into your house and life. The entrance is where it all begins if you’re up for achieving balance and harmony in your residence through feng shui.

Begin by decluttering and eliminating any waste. Loads of items accumulate by your entryway point. We’re not suggesting you leave it vacant, just a little less cluttered. Secondly, sweep and clear the area. Your front door (the inside and outside) is usually overlooked.

So, give the area a good wipe and give your doormat a thorough shake. Then peruse the area. Are there ways you can transform this space into a more welcoming and roomy space? Can you add anything or remove something?

Giving the entrance point a thorough clean creates a place for the energy to flow into your home to gather and assemble. Obstructing feng shui force (energy) is something you should avoid. And lastly, ensure the entry is illuminated and well-lit by changing a bulb or adding lighting.

Let the sofa be the star of the show

An elegant living room that creates a sense of balance and harmony has furniture positioned in such a way that it promotes relaxation and conversation. So if you can, avoid having the back of your sofa facing the entrance to your living room.

Instead, position your luxury 3-seater sofa so it draws you into the room’s embrace and greets you on entry. But let’s face it: Some design arrangements don’t allow this layout. The solution? Insert a narrow console tablet behind your sofa to display accessories, an orchid, a water feature or pretty table lamps.

Doing so will mean whoever’s perched on the sofa feels more protected from anyone coming up behind, while anyone entering the living space has a more enticing view. If you can’t place the sofa in command, weave in a mirror. You could hang it so you have an outlook of the entry if facing the door isn’t feasible.

Introduce the five elements

Did you know? Feng shui is all about balancing the five elements – that’s earth, metal, fire, wood, and water – to create a serene setting. You can achieve this balance by displaying subtle elements with intention or with your décor. So, rather than simply adding a splash of red, use triangular shapes or animal prints to represent the fire element in your living space. Don’t be afraid of being imaginative and experimenting with it.

Keep the good vibes flowing with a seamless style

To bring some feng shui vibes to your home, opt for colours that make you feel happy while being mindful of certain hues that can create a harmonious space. Consider soothing blues, warm neutrals and crisp greys. Plus, take into account the textures and shapes of your furnishings.

For an earthy ambience, plump for low rectangular or square furnishings in warm shades such as clay, brown or gold. Pottery and geometric patterns are also helpful.

For a dash of wood energy, add tall, vertical lines, shades of green and live plants to your home. If you want some fire energy, choose animal prints, spiky items, and triangle shapes, plus use candles or lighting to bring a warming glow.

If you’re up for going metallic, select shimmery materials, metallic shades such as grey or silver, and round shapes. And lastly, if you prefer a water-themed room, consider sea blues, reflective fabrics, and curvy shapes.

Liven up your living space with greenery

If you’re looking to bring more feng shui-style balance and harmony to your living space, incorporate some foliage into the mix. As well as bringing vibrant and fresh energy to a home, plants have several impressive health benefits.

They introduce wood elements to your home and bring in vitality, growth, and healing powers. It’s a win-win situation. That said, don’t just pick any old plant – be smart about your options.

Pick plants with rounded leaves, like lucky bamboo, golden pothos, and jade plants. Leafy friends like these will bring a little serenity to your home while helping you achieve that coveted feng-shui balance. And don’t be uneasy about those prickly cacti or anything else pointy or sharp. Just choose lush, soft plants featuring feathery leaves instead. Your home (and fingers) will appreciate it.

The takeaway

You may be surprised by how much of these easy feng shui adjustments and tips can help you achieve a more balanced, harmonious home that allows you to slow down and notice the beauty of the present moment.

Don’t forget: the goal isn’t to achieve the ideal feng shui. Concentrate on tiny tweaks that help you feel more contented and relaxed. After all, your home is a reflection of you. The positive changes you make will be beneficially and positively reflected in your life.

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