Eco-friendly Home Decor: How to Make Sustainable Choices

Eco-friendly Home Decor: How to Make Sustainable Choices

Want to freshen up your living space while being kind to the environment? Don’t panic. Sustainable home decor doesn't have to be pricy, hard to maintain or weird-looking. Actually, it isn’t too challenging to make your home magnificent without wasting energy or resources.

We've got you covered with six effortless, affordable tips for green home decorating. So, let's take a look and start making your home smart and sustainable.

Plant power

If you want to make sustainable choices and create a greener home affordably, bring some outdoor plants in. As well as adding a splash of colour to your living space, plants also boost the air quality in your home. Even better? They’re 100% eco-friendly.

We suggest easy-to-maintain plants, like spider plants, Devil’s ivy or peace lilies. Pick an attention-grabbing planter and add a touch of nature throughout the year.

Alternatively, faux plants are a brilliant option for sustainable décor, as they don’t require fertiliser, water, or sunlight to maintain their appearance. As such, they don’t contribute to any environmental harm or depletion of resources.

What’s more, faux plants are typically made from recycled or sustainable materials, further reducing their impact on the environment. How about brightening your living space with this lovely faux hebe globe plant? Or add a touch of luxe with this large sedum plant, which sits in a stoneware cement bowl?

Sustainable décor

Who doesn’t love adding a little personality to their abode with décor, artwork and soft furniture? That said, it can often seem like the options are restricted in terms of making planet-friendly, sustainable choices.

Firstly, swap fresh flowers for a pretty dried bouquet. They last for ages, plus they’re on hand in a rainbow of colours, and you don’t need to water them. Soft furnishings-wise, choose fabrics like wool, bamboo or cotton over synthetic materials. As well as being biodegradable, they’re more durable than their synthetic counterparts.

And finally, avoid becoming the victim of short-lived trends if you’re selecting décor pieces. Rather, plump for items you’ll treasure for many years because tossing away homeware based on trends isn’t good for the environment.

Give your furnishings a makeover

If you want to adopt a low-waste living approach and be mindful of the planet, upcycling is the way forwards. It’s on the rise - and it’s easy to see why. From crafting beautiful garden furniture from wooden pallets to turning old outfits into fashionable new threads, there’s no end to the possibilities.

But if you’re DIY-challenged, here's the good news: you can transform your old furnishings into something terrific with flashy wallpaper or a pop of paint. Things like decoupage papers and chalk paints are brilliant for this. So don’t throw out the dated wardrobe just yet – give it a facelift and make it distinctive.

Purchase items made of recyclable, recycled or eco-friendly fabrics

If you want to be more of an eco-conscious decorator, spruce up your abode while doing your part for the planet by seeking items made of recyclable, sustainable or recycled materials.

For your flooring requirements, think cork, linoleum or bamboo. And furniture-wise, consider items crafted from bamboo, ethically-made wood or rattan. Did you know? You can get your hands on olive wood dinnerware, tableware made from recycled glass, and hemp-crafted sheets.

For bedding, go for organic cotton. For curtains, opt for recycled polyester. And it doesn’t end there – natural fabrics such as uniquely shaped rocks and seashells will bring some earthy décor to any living space.

Pick eco-friendly paints

Let’s be honest. Who really wants to breathe in nasty chemicals when they’re relaxing in their home sweet home? Happily, this is where Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) come into play – or actually, where we don’t want them to come in.

You’ll find these VOCs in all kinds of items, such as paints, fridges, and cleaning items – and they’re pretty harmful to your health. They can aggravate your nose, throat and eyes and, in severe cases, lead to respiratory issues.

What’s more, they can cause pollution and smog, which isn’t any good for anyone. The next time you’re giving your home a facelift, look for low or zero-VOC paint. Numerous businesses will even include the VOC levels directly on the paint tin. Plus, if you come across an air-purifying paint as well, you’ll be doing double duty by cutting contaminants in your house.

Go for second-hand décor and furnishings

Why buy new when you can get one-off gems at boot sales and auction websites? Aside from saving money, you’ll also be doing your bit for the planet by breathing new life into older products.

Free paint exchange programs are brilliant, too. A splash of paint goes a long way in converting furniture and totally refreshing your room. Feeling imaginative? Consider wall painting ideas and see what magic you can work in a single day.

Plus, if you have things you no longer need, take part in a neighbourhood swap or product exchange program. Who knows what glories you’ll uncover? Your dream bed might be just one swap away.

The takeaway

We hope our sustainable home décor tips and tricks help you make planet-friendly choices without skimping on comfort or style. From picking low-VOC paint to upcycling old furniture, there’s a whole host of ways to create a thoughtful living space that’s kind to the earth.

So, what are you waiting for? Get creative with your decorating and don’t forget – every little decision you make has a huge effect on the world around us. Here’s to a more sustainable, happier home.

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