How to Mix and Match Textures in Your Home

How to Mix and Match Textures in Your Home

Getting the right balance when mixing and matching textures in your home is critical to a room’s success. If, like us at Rowen Homes, you have an engrained appreciation of interiors, mixing and matching textures in a room is just one of the many skills you need to grasp.

With a little bit of imagination and savoir-faire, you can blend a range of textures in a way that is both consistent and attention-grabbing.

Let’s dive into some mix-and-match textures to take your living space from insipid to inspired.

Get the neutral base right from the get-go

Begin with the neutral base – this is critical when it comes to mixing and matching textures in your décor. Think beige, white and other neutral colours – they make the perfect backgrounds for adding various items.

Next, layer multiple textures and patterns on an off-white rug, sofa or wall. For instance, combine patterned living room cushions with a white sofa in various pinks, greens or blues. For a well-textured accent, use a woven basket or downy faux throw. Or consider a biscuit, cream or other neutral-coloured rug featuring linear patterns. With a neutral base, the sky’s the limit!

Blend textures

Integrating various textures into your design is an excellent way to add personality and depth to your living space. For a warm, harmonious, visually-appealing environment that feels comfortable, opt for velvet, wool, leather and faux fur.

Mingling textures give your décor more charm and make your home cosier, creating more welcoming vibes. Why not pair a leather sofa with a plush area rug and a soft, fluffy throw? Experimenting is exciting, especially if you’re moving into a new dwelling. Don’t be afraid of playing around with all kinds of textures to achieve the perfect match for your living space.

Décor is king

If you decorate your home well, it has the power to affect your energy levels and mood and even set the tone for your day. The décor you decide on helps create a harmonious, cohesive home, reflecting your character and making your living space feel more inviting and comfortable to visitors.

Decorating symbolises the start of something different from the norm. Whether you’re moving into a new house or just fed up with your living space, redecorating is always fulfilling and fun. There’s no harm in trying something new and taking delight in experimenting.

For example, if you’re moving into a new abode, mixing textures and patterns in your décor will transform strange surroundings into a more homely space. What’s more, your belongings also affect decorating – you’ll need to protect them when moving. So, use strong, premium-quality packing materials to prevent your belongings from getting damaged in transit.

So, look after your belongings correctly, and bring them together to balance the decor in your new home. While mixing textures in your new home’s design may be the last thing on your mind when you relocate, creating a bespoke and comfy home is essential. It can make such a difference when you acclimatise to your new surroundings.

Consider a room’s purpose

Certain textures will be more suitable for specific rooms in your house. For instance, a plush rug in your lounge will be comfier underfoot than a coarse jute one. An easy-to-clean, smooth surface, such as tiling, is more appropriate for a bathroom or kitchen than a woolly rug. When selecting textures for every room in your house, think about the purpose of the space. Plump for textures that are both fashionable and functional.

Keep patterns dominant

When combining textures and patterns in your décor, have a strong pattern that works as the room’s centre point. From a geometric design on your rug to an eye-catching floral print on your curtains, this pattern can come in numerous forms. Think about adding complementary designs to your chosen dominant pattern to counterbalance it.

Additionally, select understated patterns such as polka dots or stripes. But remember, keep your colour palette consistent to ensure everything stays uniform. Be daring with your pattern choice – this can bring a splash of personality to any home.

How to decorate different rooms in your abode

There are innumerable ways and combinations to decorate the various rooms in your home. Check out these examples of how to mix textures and patterns to decorate different rooms in your new home:

       1. Bedroom

Incorporate standout floral patterns for your bedding and coordinate them with subtler patterns in a similar colour group. For a super-cosy setting, add a plush area rug and include different textures with a knitted blanket and cream cushions.

       2. Lounge

Begin with a neutral-coloured sofa, then add throw pillows featuring different textures and patterns, like geometric designs and soft faux fur. If you want to add more character and depth to your room, add a woven basket, wooden coffee table or textured rug.

      3. Dining room

Consider adding glassware and solid-coloured china onto your patterned tablecloth and placemats. Include a woven table runner and linen napkins to add assorted textures. A bright vase, chandelier or another statement piece will be the cherry on top.

Keep your colour scheme consistent

The last thing you want to do is overpower the room. So, use a colour wheel to choose your colour scheme, as it can help ensure that everything mixes pleasantly. Begin with a neutral colour, then add other shades of the same tone or hue.

You could use a variety of blues, greens or reds to give your living space a coordinated look. And in doing so, you create an attractive, harmonious environment that mirrors your sense of style.

Wrapping it up

Integrating various textures and patterns in your decoration is creative and fun, injecting your living space with appeal and interest. The key to creating an inviting and sanctuary-like home is to experiment with various combinations so you discover what works best for you.

At Rowen Homes, we have an assortment of luxurious and diverse items to make your space sparkle. We’re in the know about the most up-to-date homeware trends to bring you sought-after pieces you’ll treasure for years.