Carpet Trends to Decorate Your Home in 2023

Carpet Trends to Decorate Your Home in 2023

It’s official: carpets are back in for 2023. With their cosy vibes and plush feeling between the toes, it’s a welcome return for this once-unloved flooring that defined previous decades.

As well as adding a sense of softness and atmosphere to your home, the right carpet can totally transform your space and elevate the room to new heights.

We’ve taken a look at the hottest carpet trends for 2023 so you can make your space feel stylish and premium.

Let’s take a look.

The top carpet trends for 2023

You don’t need to worry about outdated carpet styles with new, modern takes on the traditional carpet available in many different styles and materials.

Natural fibres

Jute and grass rugs are already popular home trends, so it’s only natural these materials have found their way into carpets too. An absolute classic with no signs of abating, the natural look and feel of a carpet made from seagrass or wool can add warmth to your space and create a neutral palette for you to go bold with furniture or wall colours. Just be careful not to use these in high-traffic areas, as natural fibres can stain easily.

Bold colours

Out with statement walls, and in with statement carpets. Even the most colour-averse person can get behind the jewel-toned hues of emerald, one of the most popular colours with interior designers this year, and burgundy to bring a real wow-factor to any room.

A bold carpet pairs nicely with the interior design trend of opulence and jewel-toned colours to add richness and depth to a home, or can complement neutral walls - whatever you decide, a bright splash of colour is sure to make a buzz. Glamour is the name of the game.

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Blending with the walls

Painting the ceilings the same colour as the walls has been around for a few years, and now designers are taking things one step further by matching carpets to the same hue. This creates a feeling of warmth and cohesion, as the room is enveloped in one colour.

If your room is lacking in natural light, lean into the moody tone by surrounding the space in dark tones and a carpet to match. Or, try a light and airy feel with the walls and carpets in a room that’s on the smaller side, creating an optical illusion to make the place feel bigger.

Runners and carpeted areas

Think your carpet has to cover all of your floor? Think again. Runners and carpeted areas that aren’t wall-to-wall are the perfection option if you want to add some intrigue, but still love your wooden floors.

There are many ways to introduce a runner to your home and you can go as bold as you like. A heritage pattern is a great option for stairs in older homes to add some intrigue and pay homage to the history of a home, while a fun patterned edge adds drama to an otherwise dull space.

Recycled materials

With new technology emerging every day to create weaves from recycled materials, choosing a carpet that’s kinder to the environment is easier than ever.

Looking after our planet is the top of everyone’s priority and the carpet industry now offers some truly stylish fabrics made out of recycled materials. If you’re an eco-conscious person, opt for brands using recycled wools and even plastics to create a truly beautiful array of carpeting options.

Multicolour carpet

For the maximalists and colour lovers out there, multicolour carpet is the way to go if you’re considering switching up your flooring. This trend works best with a couple of statement furniture pieces to really set a playful, fun tone that makes the floor another piece of art.

Avoid a garish finish by using similar tones to your furniture and walls for a cohesive look. You could also opt for a modern neutral like leopard print if you’re looking for a bold, yet colour-themed vibe.


When it comes to carpets, pastels are the new neutrals. In line with the bold pops of colour trend, this slightly softer version gives you plenty of options to brighten your space with peaches, pale greens and pinks to name a few.

If you want to dip your toe into the world of pastel carpets, try a cool-toned lilac in place of greys to give your room a modern twist on a classic. The colour is pale enough to blend in, but adds a subtle pop to any room.

Curved patterns

The 70s are back in a big way and this trend shows no signs of relenting in 2023. Curved furniture and soft lines are the big differentiators for this relaxed, yet funky style - and carpets haven’t missed out on the makeover.

If you want to bring some vintage 70s mood to your home, opt for carpets and rugs with curved patterns. This update to the traditional striped carpet has been popular with architects and interior designers alike for softening an otherwise angular room, or contrasting with a piece of furniture.

Ultimate cosiness

The collective stress of the last few years has led trends down an increasingly cosy path, with spaces that promote relaxation and mindfulness set to be a big trend for the next year. Think about creating a sanctuary with warm-toned colours and softness everywhere.

Your carpets can help to promote that coveted hygge atmosphere by going for ultra-plush carpet treads and neutral tones that are soothing on the eyes. Layer up similar neutral-toned rugs to dial up the cosy feel to your room.

Final thoughts

With all of the options available in modern carpeting, it’s clear that carpet is here to stay in 2023 and beyond, with a range of new styles coming onto the market.

Depending on your sense of style and the feel of your home, these trends show there’s something for everyone to help your space feel fresh and modern with new carpets.

Whatever you decide on, our range of luxury homeware can help to finish off your newly carpeted room.