Decor Ideas to Upgrade Your Living Room

Decor Ideas to Upgrade Your Living Room

The living room is where we spend a lot of time as a household either relaxing, entertaining friends or having a chilled date night. Given its central role in the home, it’s crucial that your space is a reflection of your taste.

But upgrading a living room is easier said than done. Where do you even begin with choosing the right furniture and decorative flourishes that are just right?

Don’t panic! We’ve got our top tips for upgrading your living space. Whether it’s a statement chandelier, a luxury throw or simply adding some personal touches, our guide will have your living room from drab to glam in no time.

Let’s dive in.

Pick a colour scheme

A well-chosen colour scheme is a crucial element in getting that luxurious and sophisticated vibe in a living room. Sticking to a few hues creates a sense of cohesion that flows throughout the space.

Feeling bold? Plump for a statement wall in a daring shade to add some drama. If you want to stick with neutrals, well-chosen pop of colour in accessories like cushions or rugs adds depth without overwhelming the room.

Get matching furniture

There’s no denying a matching furniture set is the ultimate in achieving a polished look. Whether you go for a full set of sofas and armchairs in the same colour, or group different shades together with the same material, a matching set is a must-have upgrade.

Another benefit is that matching furniture makes a room feel larger, especially when you choose lighter tones; the sense of continuity visually expands the space. Our gorgeous sets of matching furniture at a range of price points are a great place to get some inspiration.

Install a chandelier

The ultimate in chic, a chandelier adds grandeur and drama to any living space. Not only do chandeliers throw off ample light to give your living room cosiness, they add a stunning focal point to the room that’s sure to wow any guests.

Chandeliers are available in a range of sizes and styles, so they can blend seamlessly into any living room. For old-school opulence, opt for a crystal chandelier; for a more modern finish, choose a minimalistic chandelier with clean lines.

Spring for luxe textures

Get some instant opulence in your living room with some fabulous new materials. These luxurious textures can be incorporated almost anywhere, from curtains to cushions and upholstery. A silk-lined armchair? That’s something we can get behind.

Think of the vibe you want to create in your living room before you choose your materials. Velvet works in a range of different styles; silk adds glamour to the space, while cashmere is luxe yet comforting.

Add some artwork

The finishing touches are what bring a room to life, and artwork is the easiest way to achieve this. Larger pieces work well for anyone looking to achieve a minimalistic look, whereas smaller artwork gathered together creates an intimate feel.

Wall art is a great way to add some personalisation to your living room. You can hang them directly on the wall or lean smaller pieces on a shelf, paired with other trinkets to create a focal point.

Introduce lights

The right lighting is crucial in creating an ambience in your living room. But we don’t just mean any type of lighting. We’re talking about table and floor lamps, ideally ones that can be dimmed, to really add a sense of extra dimension to your space.

Place these lamps strategically across your room to draw attention to architectural features, artwork or other focal points. To add some intrigue, opt for a chic lampshade like this glass and gold option.

Use decorative trays

Decorative trays are a quick win for upgrading your space, especially if you opt for a luxe finish like marble or rattan. Style your decorative tray with candles, books and essential pieces like remote controls as a focal point for your space.

Not only do these pieces look cute on your coffee table, but they also serve the important function of gathering little trinkets together to stop the room from feeling cluttered. A total win-win.

Get some plants

For tranquillity and calm, adding plants into your space could be the perfect touch. Not only do they purify the air around you, but plants also add some visual drama, texture, and pops of colour. Fiddle leaf figs, orchids and succulents are all great choices for a living room.

Be sure to put plants near natural light sources so they can thrive. Don’t want the hassle of watering your plants? Fake ones look just as realistic, without the upkeep.

Invest in some statement pieces

If you think your upgraded living room is overly neutral or missing a spark, try adding a statement piece of furniture. This could contrast in colour, shape or texture to the rest of your living room to add drama and create a talking point for any visitors.

Your statement piece can be as small or large as you like. Whether you plump for a beautiful piece of art, a grand armchair or a visually striking rug, your statement piece should reflect a part of your personality.

Add some personal touches

You might have a thousand different Pinterest images saved on your board, but your living room design should reflect your life, hobbies and interests. These trinkets add personality and make your living room feel more inviting.

Personal touches should ideally be in line with the overall aesthetic of your living room, complementing the decor itself. Make sure any personal items aren’t overwhelming your other decor and are strategically placed to create cohesion.

Wrapping up

The perfect living room is the one where you feel happy and relaxed. Our tips to elevate your space will transform your lounge into the ultimate feel-good zone where you can chill out, entertain and relax for years to come.

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