Furniture Ideas For Every Room In Your Home

Furniture Ideas For Every Room In Your Home

Our homes are an expression of our personality and a place we relax, entertain and sometimes work in. Each room in our home serves a unique purpose, and the right furniture can make all the difference in creating a functional and stylish space.

Whether you’re buying your first home and are eager for some tips on where to start, or you’re already a homeowner and looking to refresh your space, we have some ideas on the must-have furniture items you should include in your home.

Let’s take a look at the different rooms in the home and which furniture pieces you need to create a beautiful and inviting space.

Living room

Often at the heart of the home, the living room usually covers multiple uses such as relaxing and entertaining. Here are some essential staples that make a living room cosy and inviting for your family and guests.


There are lots of different sofa shapes and styles to suit your budget and taste. You may have a small space and go for a loveseat, or prefer a sectional for a larger room.

Don’t be afraid to float sofas in the centre of a room, too - this is a typical home decor hack used by interior designers to make a living space look more premium.

Coffee Table

A coffee table is a must-have for a living room to anchor your sofas and provide some useful storage space.

If you want your coffee table to have even more functionality you could use a large ottoman, which doubles as seating, and place a chic tray on top to hold drinks and decorative items.

Accent chairs

Add seating options with stylish accent chairs, such as a mid-century modern armchair or a cosy wingback chair. Opt for the accent chair to have a different look and feel to the rest of your furniture but so that it still ties in with the overall decor scheme.

Some fabric options could be velvet for a luxe vibe or leather for a chic, minimalist look. The right accent chair can really elevate a room, so it’s worth considering for your space.

Dining room

These days dining rooms often double up with other purposes, such as home working office space, but they’re also brilliant entertaining spaces.

Dining table and chairs

Of course, any dining room needs a table and chairs. Choose a dining table that fits your space and accommodates your family and guests - extendable ones are the best of both worlds.

As for dining chairs, go classic with matching wood or shake it up with newer styles on the market like velvet scallop chairs for a high-end, vintage feel to the room.


Store your dinnerware and linens in a functional and stylish sideboard or buffet. These versatile furniture pieces can be a great storage solution for your home while blending seamlessly into your decor.

Go for glass doors if you want to show off your homeware, or opt for chic painted wood to complement any design choice.

Bar cart

A bar cart or drinks cabinet adds a touch of sophistication and practicality, providing a space for drinkware and bottles. Lean into the luxe for this furniture piece with opulent gold and mirrored glass or an Art Deco-style finish to accentuate the glamour.



A comfortable and stylish bed is the focal point of any bedroom. Choose a size and style that suits your preferences and room dimensions - the last thing you want to deal with is a bed that’s too big for the space!

And it’s not just about the bedframe itself - a luxurious headboard can totally transform a bedroom while dressing the bed with decorative items like throws and pillows can ultimately elevate any sleeping space.


Nightstands provide convenient bedside storage and surfaces for essentials like lamps, books, and phones. Nightstands can double as clothes storage in a pinch if you’re short on space.

As these flank your bed, consider them part of the bed dressing - they should complement the overall room decor while providing much-needed storage. Opt for glamour by incorporating mirrored glass or chic white nightstands for a neutral colour palette with a luxe vibe.


A dresser provides ample storage for clothing and accessories, and its top surface can be used for decorative items. If you have the space, consider adding a wardrobe for additional storage and hanging items.

A dresser and wardrobe are quite bulky items, so ideally they should blend seamlessly into the decor without being too much of a focal point (unless that’s what you’re after, of course!).

Home office

More homes have at least a home working space in the house, if not a full office. If you’re looking to assemble one for the first time, here are the fundamental furniture items you need.


Select a functional and stylish desk that suits your work habits and the size of your space. Stand-to-sit desks are a great option so you’re not sitting down all day, while others prefer the fixed desk option with more storage.

Office chair

Invest in an ergonomic and comfortable office chair to support you during long work sessions. It can be tempting to rely on a low-backed chair to do the job, but your posture will thank you if you opt for an ergonomic chair!

Thankfully, some much more aesthetically pleasing options are coming onto the market since the rise of homeworking. You can find a number of options now to blend in with your decor and not feel too much like you’re in a cubicle.


When it comes to home office lighting, more attention is needed to avoid eye strain. Enhance your workspace with proper lighting from desk lamps or task lights above your computer monitor.

These don’t need to be dull and bland - you can introduce glamour and beauty with luxe table lamp options that suit your style while helping you focus.

Final thoughts

By carefully selecting the right furniture for each room, we can create spaces that not only look beautiful but also function seamlessly in our day-to-day lives. Above all, ensure that your home is a true reflection of you and your unique tastes.

At Rowen Homes, our mission is to provide you with beautiful and elegant furniture pieces to kit out your home. Whether it’s a new bed, sideboard or some decorative pieces, we’re sure to have your next favourite homeware piece.