Guide to Different Cushion Fabrics

Guide to Different Cushion Fabrics

If you’re looking for a change but don’t want to commit to a full makeover, changing your cushions is the easiest and quickest way to refresh your space and keep up with the latest interior design trends.

Whether you’re after a new shape or style, the cushion fabric you choose can have a big impact on the room. Some are better suited to certain situations than others. Luckily, cushions are a low-cost yet effective way to add a touch of comfort and class.

If you want to soften up your home or are simply looking for inspiration, we’ve picked out the best cushion fabrics to complete your new look for whatever you have planned.

Different types of fabrics

Your choice of cushion fabric comes down to where you’re planning on placing them and what kind of vibe you’re going for. We’ve listed the most common types of fabric and selected some more unusual ones for you to consider.

Ivory Cushion Clarke

Cotton and linen

A staple of bedding and soft furnishings, cotton and linen also make great fabrics for cushion covers. These natural fibres can be softer on sensitive skin and come in a range of colours and styles to completely customise your look.

Cotton and linen cushions have a natural feel on the skin and look right at home in any neutral, calming colour scheme. They can also be great for the summer as the material is naturally cool to the touch.

Satin and silk

The ultimate in luxury, a silk cushion makes any room look more expensive, while satin is a slightly cheaper option that still gives that premium feel you’re looking for in a cushion. Both are easily dyed to create beautiful and unique styles to suit your style.

As both of these fabrics can be difficult to clean, satin and silk pillows are best used as decorative cushions in somewhere like a bedroom or dressing room.


A versatile choice for any home, wool is an eternally popular cushion cover choice. You could choose a standard wool knit for a cosy feel to add to your space; for a more premium feel merino or alpaca are gorgeous, natural wools that are ultra soft and feel delightful to the touch.

As woollen cushions are made from delicate natural fibres, can stain easily and can be difficult to clean, they should only be used in areas that won’t involve a lot of traffic or potential spills.


If you’re after a hard-wearing fabric that brings a contemporary feel to your home, then synthetic cushions are a fantastic choice. Available in a range of colours and finishes, choosing synthetic doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on glamour.

Synthetic fabrics are easier to clean, so they’re suitable for parts of the home that see a lot of footfall. There are plenty of patterns and shapes available so you can have that touch of luxury while still maintaining practicality.


Associated with opulence and timeless glamour, velvet should definitely be on your list of cushion fabrics to consider. Technology upgrades mean newer velvets are tougher and resistant to stains than before, making velvet a good choice for main areas of the home where you want to give off an air of sophistication.

You can choose from smooth or crushed velvet finishes in a range of colours. Its premium look and feel works well with bold tones for a statement piece on your sofa or armchair.


Suede is a natural fabric that’s warm, inviting and the perfect addition to any space looking for a luxury touch. Smart and sleek to look at, suede has a wonderful feel to the touch and thin texture that is surprisingly durable.

Suede gets a bad rep for being difficult to maintain. If you want something for an area of the home with a lot of use, plump for a faux suede choice of cushion which is easier to keep clean.

Faux fur

For the ultimate fuzzy feeling when you’re on the sofa, faux fur cushions instantly upgrade any room into the ultimate hygge-inspired haven. You can stick with natural tones to bring the outdoors inside, or plump for jewel-toned hues for a dramatic addition to your space.

Pair your faux fur with contrasting fabrics like linen for a layered look, or lean into the fluffy gloriousness with matching faux fur throws and blankets - though watch out, you’ll never want to leave your nest…


A more unusual choice for cushion covers, leather adds a luxurious touch to any home. Both easy to clean and practical if there are children and pets around, the buttery soft feel to the touch and full range of colours to suit any style are just two reasons why you shouldn’t overlook leather as a cushion fabric.

As well as being a chic option to bring style to any room, leather adds a nice contrast to fluffier fabrics you may have in the space. It also works well as a fabric in more masculine decorated spaces to complement darker tones and hard materials.


The current Instagram darling of home interiors, bouclé is definitely having a moment. This fuzzy, soft material adds wonderful texture and depth to your soft furnishings. If you’re after the ultimate in trendy and cosy, then bouclé is the cushion option for you.

Bouclé cushions are often designed in intricate and interesting shapes including the now-iconic knot style, so if you’re coveting a more unusual cushion style then bouclé could be one to consider.

Final thoughts

Our run-down of the hottest cushion fabrics to decorate your home with gives you a flavour of the options out there that don’t break the bank when you want to do an interior design update. You could even swap out cushion sets for different seasons or to introduce a new colour scheme in an instant.

The options for cushions are infinite and the decision comes entirely down to how you want to style your space. Our range of luxurious cushions has you covered whatever your personal taste.