Biggest Kitchen Trends for 2023

Biggest Kitchen Trends for 2023

A new year is nearly upon us, and we’re looking ahead to see what kind of trends the design experts are predicting will dominate kitchens in 2023.

If you’re itching to try something new in your kitchen next year, we have a complete guide to the trends you’ll want to try out. Ranging from the daring to the serene, there’s something for everyone who wants to update their kitchen decor.

Read on to find out which trends will be hottest next year for your kitchen and how you can make small or big changes to include them.

Natural woods

The return of the classic butcher block counter is a telltale sign of how wood is everywhere in kitchen design right now. This more natural feel pairs wonderfully with bright, light-coloured countertops.

Leave cabinets in their natural wood grain to add warmth to your kitchen, or introduce natural wooden chairs if you have space for a dining table. Smaller updates for your kitchen could be natural wood knife sets or fruit bowls.

Pops of colour

Jewel-toned hues like aubergines and emeralds have been on the scene for the last couple of years, now extending out into the kitchen. Adding a rich, bold colour to an otherwise neutral kitchen is a great way to update your space without making any major upgrades.

Whatever colour you go for, pair these adventurous hues with gold accessories and lighting to really lean into the luxe vibe.

Wallpaper as a backsplash

We’ve seen wallpaper make a real comeback in the last few seasons, even being used in bathrooms for a kitsch look. Now the world of wallpaper has entered the kitchen, with many using neutral colours as an inexpensive way to add some interest without opting for a full tile backsplash. Focus on texture and sheen for a premium feel. If you’re after patterns, this would look great behind open shelving. Be sure to look at our premium range of wallpapers if you’re after some inspiration.

Natural stone

We’ll be seeing more kitchens designed with natural stone tiles and countertops in mind for 2023. Marble has been a firm favourite for years, with this luxury classic stone going nowhere anytime soon.

If you want to try something new, switch out your subway tile backsplash for natural stone instead. If you’re after simple upgrades that won’t break the bank, potted plants in stone vases and little trinkets will update your kitchen for this trend.


In a bold retreat from the minimalist kitchens we’ve seen in recent times, maximalism involves clashing prints, outrageous accessories (often involving exotic animals) and rich, warm metallics to create a truly unique room.

You don’t need to commit to a full makeover to bring a maximalist ambience to your home. Try adding some vibrant prints to your kitchen, or adding an unusual lamp into the space. Tropical prints and palm leaf motifs work well with this aesthetic, too.

Brass and copper

Our love affair with copper shows no signs of ending anytime soon, but now we’re adding brass into the mix for 2023. Both with rich, warm undertones to brighten a kitchen, these are easy to add in with new kitchen utensils in these metals.

To take it up a notch, switch out your cabinet handles for ones in brass or copper. You could even mix and match the two metals to create a layered feel.


The antithesis to a white, clean kitchen, black tones and darker hues lean into a truly dramatic vibe. This colour works surprisingly well in small kitchens and in accessory form if you want to add some moodiness to your space, but don’t want to commit to a full blackout.

Black is a classic, neutral colour that gives an air of sophistication. It pairs well with marble countertops and pops of gold finishes for a luxe vibe. Start off with accessories like our black and gold kitchen utensils set and work upwards until there’s enough darkness in your kitchen to rock the trend.

Bold lighting

Minimalist lighting fixtures like spotlights and recessed lighting have moved aside for bold feature lighting in the kitchen. Plump for a chic and modern chandelier if you have the ceiling height, or a dramatic semi-flush fixture in premium finishes like gold and silver.

Table lamps, traditionally the mainstay of living areas in the home, are making their way into the kitchen. This latest trend opens up a world of possibilities for soft and cosy lighting in the kitchen, which has transformed into more of a social space in recent years.


The Japandi trend has dominated living areas and bedrooms, so it’s no surprise this serene mix of Japanese and Scandinavian styles has made its way into the kitchen. Neutral colours, natural tones and functional design are all drawn together in this soothing aesthetic.

If you want to incorporate Japandi style into your kitchen, start off with textured accessories made from concrete and pale linens. Take it a step further with investing in open storage and neutral tablewares on display for a truly zen feel.

Earthy hues

This year has been all about the bright and bold colours, but 2023 will see a return to earthier tones like dusky pink and greens in the kitchen. If you’re after a boho feel for your kitchen, adding these colours to the walls or cabinets will be a winner.

These more calming tones will work well against neutral kitchens, too - try a new set of tea towels or a couple of bowls in blue, pink or green to try out the trend. If you want to go further, paint a kitchen island or a feature wall to add warmth to your space.

Wrapping up

Judging by these latest kitchen trends, 2023 is set to be an exciting year for home decor. The best part is that none of these ideas have to be expensive to achieve a premium, luxe finish for your kitchen.

If you’re looking for accessories, lighting or wallpaper to step up your interior design, Rowen Homes has everything you need to upgrade your kitchen.