Teen Room Decor Ideas

Teen Room Decor Ideas

Decorating your teenager’s room can feel like a big step - it’s their first foray into choosing what suits their current personality, and it can feel like a battle of wills to find a compromise.

But decorating a beautiful bedroom for your teen doesn’t need to be difficult. There are also easy decor options to update your teen’s space if they’re changing their mind all the time.

Have a look at our guide below on how you can put together the chicest bedroom for your teen.

What sort of decor should I have in my teen’s room?

Your teenager’s bedroom should be a reflection of their personality and give them a safe place to express themselves and relax. The room may also have multiple functions, like studying and practising hobbies, that need to be accounted for.

It’s worth bearing in mind that your child might change their mind often on what they like and dislike. You’ll want to decide on a room layout and decor that stands the test of time, but can be updated easily.

Here are some ideas on where to start with your teen’s bedroom decor.

A colour story

First and foremost, you’ll need to decide on a colour scheme with your teen. Whether they want an all-out colour or just want to go for neutrals, there’s a world of opportunities here. We’d recommend picking out subtler tones for the walls and floors, while updating periodically with accessories as needed.

Take a look at our picks for the best bedroom colours for 2023 to get some inspiration for your teen’s space.

Desk area

After the bed itself, this is likely the most important piece of furniture in your teen’s room. This is where they’ll be studying and hanging out with friends, so it’s important the desk and chair you decide on are ergonomic, but complement the decor.

Encourage your teen to pick out trinkets and mementos to personalise their desk. Accessories that promote a calming, focused environment, like plants and wall art, will both tie the room together and encourage your teen to study hard.

Hobbies and interests

If your child has a hobby that’s a big part of their life, it’s worth factoring this into any design decisions. Not to mention, you may need to make some space for any equipment that comes with the territory.

A theme around sports or music doesn’t need to be outright - you could use the colours from their favourite team or band for a subtler look, or even pare it back to become an accent colour against neutral decor.


Getting the right lighting in your teen’s space is a tricky balance, especially if the room has multiple uses. They may need a bright desk lamp for studying, but then move into softer lighting in the evening for unwinding. Consider the different zones in the space and which type of lighting would work best.

For those who want colour but aren’t after the commitment of painting the walls, colour-changing bulbs would be a great addition to any teen’s bedroom for added flair and personality.

Beautiful, but smart storage

Teens have a lot of stuff! To stop it from exploding everywhere, storage that factors into the decor is a must. Plump for matching side tables and chest of drawers for a cohesive look - our Russell bedroom range is a great place to start.

If you’re working with a smaller room, aim for the bigger pieces of furniture to have several uses to maximise the space. Flexible seating options like pouffes and benches that double as storage, or clever built-ins for a wardrobe may be the solution.

Hangout space

Chances are, your teen will want to start having friends over more and more as their social life becomes their world. You can accommodate this by adding some comfy seating to their bedroom, like a beanbag or scatter cushions, or an accent chair that ties the room together.

If you have the space, a sofa bed for sleepovers and unwinding after a long day of studying would be perfect in any teen bedroom.

Personalised artwork

Artwork for the walls is a necessity for any bedroom to feel cosy and personalised. Your teen might want to mix it in with their own personal mementos, like ticket stubs and photo strips, for a truly unique space.

Choose together with your teen what kind of pieces they like that reflect their personality and tie in with the colour scheme you’ve settled on. Gallery walls are a great way to incorporate several different pieces and sizes, while maintaining a beautiful and cohesive look.

Go for metallics

Metallic touches to a teen’s bedroom add a luxe and sophisticated feel, especially as your child gets older. Our personal pick would be gold for a rich and warm finish, or rose copper for a feminine vibe.

Switch out furniture handles for matching metallic ones that pull the room together, or spring for a metallic lamp base to add a touch of glamour. Metallic ornaments, like our Phlox XL Gold Giraffe Ornament, add a fun yet chic touch.

Comfy and cosy

Above all, a teenager’s bedroom should be somewhere they feel comfortable in. This is easily achieved by adding in cosy extra touches: scented candles, faux fur throws and rugs that feel soft underfoot are all great options. Fairy lights are always a fantastic addition for teen bedrooms, too.

Bouclé is having a big moment - this fuzzy, cosy style of furniture would work well in any teenager’s room. Bring in luxurious bedding and cushions to layer in extra cosiness and to make the space feel warm and inviting for your teen.

Final thoughts

Decorating your teenager’s bedroom should be an enjoyable process for the both of you. The key to success is a room your teen feels comfortable in, but that has room for growth over the years.

If you want to give your teen’s space a chic touch, our range of luxurious cushions will perfectly complement any decor you both decide on.