Homeware Ideas For A Fashionable Home

Homeware Ideas For A Fashionable Home

If your home is feeling outdated or just a bit ‘meh’, it’s high time you consider bringing some new homeware pieces into the mix.

From statement rugs to bold curtains and tableware to luxe bedding, many elements can enhance your living space and make it feel like a true oasis.

Let’s look at some homeware ideas to take your space from bland to elevated.

Statement rugs

A beautiful rug can serve as the centrepiece of a room, tying together different elements and creating a cohesive look. Think about the size and texture of the rug, which can easily overwhelm or unbalance the room if not carefully considered.

Natural fibres like wool, cotton, and silk are durable for rugs and provide a luxurious feel. Statement rugs are designed to stand out, so don't be afraid to choose bold colours or patterns. A dramatic hue or patterned rug can add a pop of personality if your room has a neutral palette.

Decorative pillows

Throw pillows are a flexible and affordable option to quickly update a space. They can be changed according to the season or your mood and come in various shapes and sizes to provide cosiness and interest to a sofa or bed.

Mix and match textures like velvet, faux fur and boucle to create layered interest in your space. Don’t forget about proportions - smaller pillows work well on chairs, while larger pillows work better on sofas.

Unique lighting

If you’re sleeping on lighting and how it can transform a room, now’s the time to upgrade. Lighting can set the tone and atmosphere of a space in seconds, so you can enhance your room with a range of styles for the ultimate ambience.

Chandeliers are classic lighting fixtures that can add a touch of glamour and elegance to your space. Plus, they come in smaller sizes, so you can still get the look without breaking the bank. If you want to focus on the details, consider using a vintage-style Edison bulb or a colourful LED bulb to add a touch of personality and visual interest to your lighting.

Wall art

There are a lot of ways to use artwork to bring life and personality to a room. Gallery walls are a popular way to display multiple pieces of wall art in one cohesive display, while a single statement piece from your favourite artist acts as a focal point.

But don’t just stop at the artwork itself - the framing and placement are also a vital part of making your home stunning. Opt for a bold vintage-style frame or keep it minimalist - just don’t forget about its impact on your overall decor.

Trendy tableware

Tableware is an easy way to update your dining experience and add a touch of style and personality to your home. Mixing and matching different patterns, colours and textures is a fun way to create a unique and eclectic table setting.

Metallic accents like gold, silver, and copper instantly add a luxe feel to your dining area while natural materials like wood and bamboo work for an everyday set-up. Pops of colour also work well as they can be changed for the season or if you’re hosting a dinner party.

Stylish storage solutions

When you add storage to your home, you want it to be practical and aesthetically pleasing. From chic baskets to sleek shelving units, there are many options to choose from to suit your personal style and storage needs.

If you want less obvious storage, multi-purpose furniture like ottomans and pouffes work well for hiding away clutter and come in various styles to suit any home’s aesthetic. Vintage storage trunks have grown in popularity recently, adding charm and character without needing to hide away the storage.

Luxe bedding

High-quality bedding not only looks and feels great but it can also improve the quality of your sleep. Opt for breathable natural fibres like cotton, silk or linen, adding a glamorous touch to your bedroom.

Dressing the bed is just as important too - consider throw pillows, blankets and side tables to add visual interest. Using different materials creates a layered effect that looks cosy and feels delightful to sink into each night.

Bold window treatments

Window treatments like blinds and curtains can make a huge difference to the feel of your home without much extra effort. Consider hanging curtains from ceiling to floor to create a sense of height and grandeur or using curtains to divide a larger space.

Adding blinds with curtains creates a lovely and premium-looking layered effect. Stick with neutral colours for a minimalist finish, or add a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral room. Don’t forget hardware finishes too - opt for gold and brass for a luxurious finish.

Chic kitchenware

Why should your kitchen miss out on the luxe treatment? There are lots of ways to introduce glamour to this space, such as using marble serving dishes to keep spices and oils grouped together. Another option is open shelving to display your favourite cookware and tableware, like vintage-inspired glasses.

Copper utensils like spatulas, ladles, and whisks are stylish and functional. They can add a touch of warmth and elegance to your kitchen while also being durable and easy to clean. Another go-to trend is matte black kitchenware, which looks sleek and stylish in any home.

One-of-a-kind furniture

A true way to show personality and style is a one-off statement piece of furniture, like vintage or custom. Consider investing in a piece with a unique silhouette, such as a sculptural coffee table or an oversized chair, or go for unique pieces like antique dressers, mid-century modern chairs, or ornate tables nobody else will have.

Working with a smaller budget? You can achieve the same look by creating a juxtaposition in the room. Opt for a piece that contrasts with the rest of the furniture, like a velvet armchair with neutral sofas, to create a focal point.

Final thoughts

Incorporating homeware ideas for a fashionable home can elevate your home’s overall aesthetic and create your dream space. Even a small change can play a crucial role in adding personality and style to your living space.

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