Styling Your Bed with the Minimalist Nature Trend

Styling Your Bed with the Minimalist Nature Trend

If you’re itching for a change and want to turn your sleeping space into the ultimate sanctuary, then we have just the look for you to sink your teeth into.

The minimalist nature trend is taking over the interior design world, so it’s no wonder many are looking to see how they can bring this style into their bedrooms.

We’ve got the lowdown on what the minimalist nature trend looks like and how you can implement it into styling your bed each day for a calming, tranquil bedroom.

Ready to dive in?

Defining features of the trend

If you love minimalism but want to change up your bedroom, then you’re sure to love this new take on the trend. The minimalist nature look is all about bringing natural elements inside while still maintaining a clean, simple aesthetic.

Let’s go into what the defining features of minimalist nature are so you can bring the vibe into your bedroom.


Neutral colours with warm undertones are the ultimate colour palette for the minimalist nature trend. Opt for warm whites and beiges as a base, layering on taupes and greens as desired to achieve the look.

A fun take on decorating the walls in this trend has been limewash, which creates a textured effect while still remaining neutral and calming.


You won’t find excessive decor in the minimalist natural trend. Every piece of furniture has a purpose and is used to its fullest potential, and every piece of decor is carefully selected and in line with the overarching theme of minimalism.

If you’re looking to include this trend in your decor, choose every new piece with intention so your bedroom and bed area doesn’t feel cluttered. That way you’ll enjoy a bedroom that’s both aesthetic and calming to be in.


It makes sense that the minimalist nature look would be obsessed with all things organic. This can unfold in two ways: with natural fibres and materials, or with natural shapes.

Incorporating natural materials means going for linens, cotton and wool to bring in a sense of the outdoors. As for natural shapes, steer away from clean and sharp lines in favour of shapes you’d see occurring in nature.

How to style your bed with natural minimalism

Now we’ve got the main elements of the minimalist nature trend down, it’s time to see how you can style your bed to achieve the look.

Here are some ideas for how you can bring the aesthetic to your bed styling - just one or two of these will make a big difference in bringing the natural world to your bedroom.

Add rattan or wicker

Rattan or wicker is an excellent combination of natural materials and structure that works brilliantly for this trend. Woven wicker baskets, rattan chairs and stools and wicker lamp shades are all easy ways to incorporate texture and depth into your bed styling.

If you want to go all out, you could consider adding a rattan or wicker headboard to make a bold statement and focal point. Whatever you decide, rattan or wicker is sure to go a long way in bringing minimalist nature to your space.

Opt for natural bedding

Upgrading your bedding with high-quality and natural fibres is a no-brainer for getting the minimalist natural look down. There’s even a theory that natural bedding is better for sleep quality, so it’s a win-win situation.

Linens and cottons work well as everyday bedsheets, whereas wool or bamboo throws can be saved for the winter months and to add some interest to the bed. If you want some decorative pillows, more is less with this theme and opt for natural fibres where possible.

Warm woods

Instead of choosing painted or lacquered finishes on wood, the minimalist nature trend is all about letting the grains and imperfections of the wood shine through. In keeping with the warm tones the look is about, go for cherry, walnut and beech wood for your bedroom.

You can layer in different wood tones to the bed by adding some coasters, table lamps or decorative, yet functional items like a wooden tray to add some interest. The wood will add depth to the bed styling while looking beautiful at the same time.

Add curves

Curves will always appear in nature instead of straight lines, so it’s an easy thing to incorporate into bed styling for a minimalist nature vibe. Adding some curved vases or bowls around the bed on side tables will add flow to the space while remaining aesthetically clean and simple.

If you want to make some bigger changes, consider adding a new bedframe with a curved headboard or some rounded side tables. This will add a softer and more organic finish to the bed styling.

Go for plants

While traditional minimalism is all about few and far between with the decor, the exception to the rule with minimalist nature is adding plants.

There are so many options for house plants to include around your bed - opt for low-maintenance succulents if you’re new to being a plant parent. These pops of greenery are sure to brighten any bedside table, or even on a shelf above the bed as artwork in their own right.

Soft lighting

Ideally your bedroom has a lot of natural light to work with that creates an open, airy feel for your minimalist nature bedroom. If not, consider adding some soft lighting to your bedside tables that won’t throw off any harsh, bright light and create shadows.

When choosing table lamps, go for curved features where possible and natural materials like wood and stone to really lean into the trend. Lightbulbs that have a warm glow will make your evenings cosy and inviting.

Wrapping up

The minimalist nature trend is a fun take that’s sure to brighten your bedroom and bed. Our tips on how to achieve the look are just a starting point - feel free to use your own creative flair to achieve a stylish bed that’s heaven to slip into each night.

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