Trending Home Decor Styles 2023

Trending Home Decor Styles 2023

2023 has arrived with a bang, bringing a slew of new and must-have design styles for your home. While some we’re seeing as a continuation of last year, others are brand new to the scene and are ready to be tried out in your space.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the hottest interior design trends on TikTok and Instagram for this year to bring you our list of what’s in for 2023. Whether you’re after a quick refresh or a full upgrade of your space, take note of these trends to make sure you’re on point with your interior design.

Let’s take a peek.

Gold-tipped homeware

Say goodbye to boring, white plates and ceramics with the new gold-tipped homeware trend. This small elevation of the humble dinner set takes eating and entertaining to the next level while still looking subtle.

Look for delicate or handmade pieces for a completely unique feel. You could also add some gold-themed cutlery to match your new homeware and add some more shine. Any trend that turns otherwise dull homeware into something special is alright with us!

Curved furniture

Curves are in, and in a big way as all different kinds of furniture are getting the curvaceous treatment. Sofas, dressers and even home bars are all rocking rounded edges, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for relaxing and entertaining.

Don’t want to commit to a big furniture change, but still want the look? Soft furnishings like curtains and cushions featuring 70s-inspired curved patterns are one way to introduce a more toned-down version of the trend.

Rich browns

A trend that’s absolutely everywhere at the moment is rich, chocolatey browns in the home. Whether it’s on the walls, in the cabinetry or rich wooden furniture being introduced to the space, we expect brown to be the colour everyone wants in 2023.

Brown is a great neutral colour to pair with warm, light tones. Opt for indulgent fabrics to introduce the colour into a room, or go all out by committing to a feature wall in this rich, moody shade that’s sure to transform your space.


Bold. In your face. Loud. Maximalism has pushed its way into the interior design scene, reminiscent of the Art Deco era and giving plenty of opportunity to splash out with eclectic decor choices.

Patterns and colours, sometimes clashing, typify this trend. You don’t need to go all out - a pop of colour here or there will work wonders in bringing depth to the room. Opt for golden decor touches, like animal ornaments, to bring a touch of luxe.

Seriously comfortable

Entertaining in the home after years apart, and working from home have inspired this trend of sofas, armchairs and other soft furnishings taking comfort to the next level. Think slouchy, squishy furniture with deep seats and cushions to sink into - that’s seriously comfortable for you.

Get the look by introducing modern takes on the classic beanbag with lounge or accent chairs in soft, inviting materials like bouclé and suede. This trend is sure to step up your living room and leave you feeling like you’re in a cloud - what’s not to love?

Natural stone

The spa-like vibe everyone wants in their home for 2023 is seriously helped by introducing natural stone to the space. Available in neutrals like beige and ivory, natural stone is a hardy material that will elevate any home.

Pair with similar natural textures like linen and cotton for a rustic feel, or contrast with bold colours to create a sumptuous feel. Natural stone will always look classic, but with a thousand different ways to style it, it will always feel fresh.


Bold, intricate patterns in white and blue are the patterned tile du jour, inspired by the sparkling seas of the Mediterranean. Bring some of the Med to your home with table lamps, cushions and even armchairs that add a pop of colour to a neutral room.

Want to keep it classic? Feel inspired by the warmer climes with sandy hues, olive tones and minimalistic decor instead. Either way, the Mediterranean vibe will soon be yours to enjoy in your space.

Moody spaces

The ‘dark academia’ trend has reached interior design as deep, rich colours are having their moment in the home. Transform a bland living room into a boudoir with charcoal, aubergine or warm navy to envelope the space and create a sense of drama.

Pops of colour work fabulously against these darker tones, which add a truly luxurious feel to any home. If you’re nervous about introducing such a bold colour, opt for making over a smaller space first, like a cloakroom, to see how you feel. You’ll soon catch the bug!

Earthy tones

If you like your space to feel calming and soothing, then the earth-toned hue trend is for you. Bring nature into your home by incorporating dusky pink, earthy greens and yellow ochres to inject warmth anywhere.

These warm and inviting colours work well as a subtle accent colour on the walls, or with soft furnishings like sofas and curtains. It’s a versatile trend with a lot of possibility - and not one to miss this year.

Colourful marble

Marble with pronounced natural veining in beautiful shades arrived last year and is here to stay for 2023. We’ve seen gorgeous pale pinks, warm whites with chocolate browns and even galaxy-themed navy and white used by designers in bathrooms, kitchens and pantries alike.

If you’re on a budget, opt for trinket jars and marble trays to bring a pop of luxe and colour to your home. If you’re looking for more, consider adding some bold marble into your countertops.

Final thoughts

These major interior design trends are here to stay and will influence homes throughout the year. Whether you want to take inspiration or completely commit to one of these trends, you’re sure to have a beautiful and chic space you’ll love.

At Rowen Homes, we carefully select our ranges based on trends we know you’ll love to see in your space. From furnishings to small decor, we’ve got your next home decor purchase sorted.