Ways To Make Your Home Cozy After Christmas

Ways To Make Your Home Cozy After Christmas

January is here, and the Christmas decorations are long gone. The rest of the winter stretches out for what feels like forever. While the festive season might be over, that doesn’t mean the cosy vibes have to end.

It’s time to embrace Project Cosy Home. Switching up your space will not only make your home feel renewed, but give you the perfect plan to see you through the winter months.

We’ve got some fun and easy ideas on how you can make your home more cosy and inviting, for all those cold winter nights you’ll be staying in.

Let’s take a look.


After Christmas, the house can soon feel claustrophobic with the sheer amount of stuff. January is a great time to declutter any niggling areas you’ve had in the back of your mind to sort out.

Make a plan to declutter, throw away, and organise any problem areas as needed. You can get drawer organisers, additional storage and hooks for doors and walls that are easy to install, but make a big difference in keeping your home organised.

Think ‘hygge’

Everyone might have heard of hygge by now, but the Danes are really onto something here when it comes to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The concept of hygge is all about comfort, and there’s no better time to lean into the cosy vibes than January.

To incorporate hygge into your home, opt for plush furnishings and soothing colour palettes. Natural materials like wood and wool are a must, as hygge is all about embracing the natural world. Finally, add some plants to bring life and greenery to the room.

Use warm colours

Making your home feel cosy may be as simple as switching out some soft furnishings in warm colours like beiges, warm-toned greys and creams. You can use warm colours as accents, or you can use them as the dominant shade in the room.

Opt for cushions and throws for decor that’s simple to update. Adding in a new rug or curtain set in warm tones will go a long way in creating a cosy and feel-good space for the winter.

Add some candles

You can never have too many candles - especially in the winter time! Bringing both light and fragrance to a room, candles are the ultimate option for quickly adding in some seriously cosy vibes to the home.

A larger candle in an unusual shape works well as a focal point on its own, while a group of candles on a decorative tray adds visual interest to any table.

Create a reading nook

If you have the room (especially after all of that decluttering), consider adding in a cosy reading nook to your living room or bedroom. This could be a simple as a comfy armchair and a good light where you can sit back and relax.

If you want maximum comfort levels, add a side table to store your book du jour and any cups for sipping on something warm while you read. Opting for extra cushions and throws will never make you want to leave your new favourite spot in the house.

Add more lighting

The right kind of lighting can completely transform a space, especially in the winter months where the nights are longer. Banish the overhead lights in favour of smaller table and floor lamps to create the perfect quiet ambiance.

Lamps with a dimmer switch or colour-changing bulbs can take the cosy vibes to another level and suit any mood - perfect for those winter evenings in.

Bring the outside in

It might be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring plants and greenery into the home. Potted plants and cut flowers instantly brighten any space, or go foraging for some aesthetic branches and winter flowers to create your own winter bouquet.

If you don’t want plants in the home but you’re still after that natural vibe, consider adding in natural materials like wood and stone to add texture and warmth. Greens, browns and blues are colours that appear in nature and would be a great colour palette for a cosy home.

Make a gallery wall

A gallery wall in your home could be the perfect project to refresh a room for the winter. Choosing a theme or colour scheme will help the gallery will to fit seamlessly with your existing decor.

Mix and match different sized frames, prints, and photos to create visual interest and add depth to the wall. Most importantly, make sure it feels personal and welcoming to you so you feel comfortable and cosy with your new gallery wall.

Introduce a blanket ladder

There’s absolutely no way only one blanket is enough for the winter months, right? Enter the blanket wall: a decorative ladder leaned against the wall and piled with blankets. This functional yet fun storage solution adds a welcoming feeling to the room.

You can alternate between different colors, patterns, and textures to create visual interest. Use items of varying sizes, like quilts and scarves, to add depth to the display.

Selectively Accessories

Accessories are what makes any room personalised and special. What do we mean by selectively? Instead of changing up your entire space at once, think of a few key accessories that could be switched out that will make your home feel refreshed and new.

Opt for a new statement piece, like a small statue or vase, in a new colour or material you haven’t tried before. Switch out your coffee table books for a winter-themed set. Whatever you choose, make sure your space looks and feels different for maximum impact.

Final thoughts

There are lots of simple ways you can make your space into the ultimate cosy haven after Christmas. Just one or two of these options will go a long way to adding warmth and comfort to the home.

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