How To Create An Epic Home Bar

How To Create An Epic Home Bar

The party season has arrived, and with it come a slew of invitations for glamorous parties. If you’re thinking about hosting your own big bash for Christmas or New Year’s Eve, then you’ll need an epic home bar that’s chic and elegant to entertain in.

We’ve put together a full guide to get you started and make your new home bar the chicest place to be this festive season.

Read on to find out our tips and tricks for taking your home bar to the next level.

What to consider for your home bar

Before you get started with your home bar, you’ll need to think about where it’s going and what your overall goals for the space are. If you’re planning on hosting often, easy access to storage would be a good idea. If it’s an occasional home bar, some nice decorative pieces so it blends into your decor will be key.

We’ve outlined below what you should consider as top priorities when creating your home bar.


When it comes to a home bar, location matters. You want to choose somewhere that isn’t too out of the way in your home, but that makes sense with the rest of your layout. The two most common areas for a home bar are the kitchen and the dining room, but you may have space in your living room, an outdoor area or even an entire room to transform into a home bar.

For smaller spaces, a chic bar cart or cabinet in silver or gold would work well. For larger areas, spring for a bar table that elevates and defines the space while adding some glamour.


Storage will be an important aspect of any home bar. While some bottles and glassware you’ll want out on display, those half-opened bottles are best kept tucked away in cupboard space. Consider your needs here and plan for storage accordingly.

A simple storage solution for any home bar is a bottle rack. These can range from on-the-counter affairs all the way through from floor-to-ceiling furniture that really makes a chic statement.


If you have the space, seating for your home bar will be a comfortable addition for your guests that properly defines the space. Bars are higher than a table, so bar stools are perfect for the occasion.

There’s a range of styles to suit everyone - for a luxe finish to your home bar, choose premium fabrics like velvet and leather in contemporary seating shapes. The bar stools from our Heavenly collection would be a chic addition.


Lighting can make or break your home bar: you don’t want to rely on harsh overhead lighting to create an inviting space for your guests. Soft, diffused lighting from low-hanging pendants creates a moody atmosphere while defining the space in a chic and elegant way.

Plump for art deco glamour to lean into the party vibes, or take a look at our glass pendant lights to bring some contemporary chic to your bar area.

Must-have accessories for your home bar

Now you’ve got the basics of your home bar sorted, you can move on to the fun part - accessorising your new space so it sparkles and takes any party to new heights.

Mini fridge

While a kitchen fridge works well to house your alcohol and mixers for a home bar, you may want to consider investing in a mini fridge for easy access and to save you running between rooms while your guests mingle.

If you’ve not got a lot of space, slimline wine fridges are a great option in this situation - or you could go for a built-in fridge if you’re starting the bar area from scratch. Whatever your needs, anything that means you can focus on getting back to the party quicker is a winner in our eyes.


A staple of any home bar, glassware is a great way to show some personality. You can introduce as much or as little glassware as you like depending on the size of your bar.

We’d recommend having the basics, like prosecco flutes and wine glasses, while adding in some flair with unusual statement pieces. Make sure pieces coordinate for a cohesive look. The ultimate in chic? Vintage champagne saucers for instant old-school glamour.

Ice bucket

Having an ice bucket ready to go at your home bar will cement your reputation as an epic host. A step up from the usual wine coolers, ice buckets can house multiple bottles at once - perfect for any evening soiree.

Opt for something classic to complement any home bar decor, or go bold and contemporary with a statement-making animal theme. Our silver stag version would take pride of place in any home bar.

Cocktail making set

No bar is complete without a cocktail making set! At the very least you’ll need a cocktail shaker for mixing up drinks and a bottle opener for popping open the champagne. Some extra touches could include a bottle stopper and some chic coasters for guests to put their drinks down on.

For the complete home bar experience, go all out with a full cocktail making set to make any drink your heart desires and keep some glass jars nearby for all of your bar accoutrements.


Any finishing touches you want to add to your home bar, like ornaments for your bar shelving or chic vases to house beautiful bouquets, will only add to the luxe feel you’re going for.

Some themed wall art will pull the space together and add personality, while mirrors behind the bar area will reflect light back in and elevate the look of your home bar.

Final thoughts

Putting together a truly epic home bar is a few simple steps that completely elevates any parties or gatherings you’re hosting.

Ready to take the plunge? Our luxury homeware range has everything you need to create the home bar of your dreams. From luxe bars and bar stools to chic accessories for the finishing touches, we’ve got you covered.